Tilinga Temple Darshan Timings Location Cost Book Procedure

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On each day of the week, Tilinga Mandir Bordubi is open from six in the morning till eight in the evening. When to Go to Tilinga Temple or Bel Temple in Assam at the Best Time During the months of February and May, when the temperature is often mild, the temple is most enjoyable to visit. Also, this location is open for tourism during the months of October and November.

Tilinga Mandir translates to “the bell temple” in its original Sanskrit. The tranquil atmosphere and deeply held religious beliefs that are linked with the temple have contributed to its status as a popular destination that draws large crowds of visitors. The Tilinga Mandir is the location of the world’s greatest collection of bells in terms of both total quantity and variety. The bells range in size and style.

Tilinga Temple Darshan Timings Location Cost Book Procedure

The Tilinga Mandir, also known as the Bell Temple, can be found in the quaint community of Bordubi, which is located in the Tinsukia region of Assam. The sanctum of the temple is home to Lord Shiva’s idol. When it comes to mysticism and spiritual power, the Bell Temple is much superior to any other temple. You will have the opportunity to see tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of bells ranging in size here. The bells, which are strung on a massive Peepal tree, are fashioned from a variety of metals including bronze, brass, aluminum, and copper.

You will also come across one hundred Shiva tridents that have been haphazardly buried in the sand in various locations. People in this location have a strong reverence for the temple because they think that if they pray to Lord Shiva, their desires would come true; but, in order to have their wish come true, they must first offer a bell to the temple.

When your wishes are granted, you can also give a pigeon, a trishul, or a bell as a token of gratitude. It is reported that the Shiva Linga sprouted from the ground next to a banyan tree that is located in the temple approximately half a century ago, and the temple itself is almost half a century old. After that, people started going to the location to pray to the Lord while they were there.

History Of The Temple

Tea garden workers in that area reported seeing a dark rock in the form of a Shiva lingam emerge from the earth next to a banyan tree at that location almost fifty years ago, in the year 1965. It was unearthed and positioned in the space between the Peepal tree’s roots. People have, through the course of time, come to understand the mysterious power that it has, which is as follows: And once this is accomplished, it is acknowledged by the addition of bells to the bars. Pigeons and a Trishul, which is a holy thread wrapped around a column, are also presented as part of the ritual.

Over fifty years have passed since this temple was built. On the grounds of the temple is a very ancient peepal tree, also known as a banyan tree, on which several worshippers have attached a large number of bells. According to the legends associated with this temple, tea garden workers in the Tinsukia area spotted the Lingam of Lord Shiva burst out of the ground next to a massive peepal (Banyan) tree in the vicinity around the year 1965.

When some time had passed since this tragedy, the authorities began to consider the possibility of building a temple, which would later become the well-known Tilinga temple. As time goes on, worshippers make their way to the temple in the hopes that their requests and prayers would be granted. In exchange, they give bells to the Lord. This became a common topic of conversation among devotees all around the country, and this practice is being carried out to this day.

Tilinga Temple Time Location Cost Book Procedure And Details

The temple entrance has a metallic bell that worshippers ring to enter. The top has four huge bells. On Mondays, Shiva worshippers think that Monday is Lord Shiva’s day, hence the Bell temple is packed with pilgrims even on Mahashivratri.

Bells adorn the whole temple (a symbol of offering from the devotees to Lord Shiva for their wishes). Lord Shiva is worshipped with pooja, aarti, pigeons, and Trishuls.

How To Get There

VIA ROAD: · Tinsukia Bus Stop – 20 Km

Tinsukia railway Station is about 16 kilometers away if you are traveling by train.

BY AIR: · Mohanbari Airport – 31 Km

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