Thangkharang Park Meghalaya Location Entry Fee Visiting Hour

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Thangkharang Park is an absolute must-see while in Meghalaya. It is 12.1 kilometres from the park to the town of Cherrapunji. The Kynrem Falls, which can be seen in the distance and cascades down in three phases, are also beautifully visible from this vantage point.

Individuals in search of a serene, peaceful, and uncluttered environment will find this place to be ideal. In order to provide tourists an excellent perspective of Khoh Ramhah, also known as the pillar rocks, and the valley below, the park includes two lovely viewpoint locations, one on each of the three rocks.

Thangkharang Park Meghalaya Location Entry Fee Visiting Hour

  • A small bridge connects the two sides of the park at times of high water in the park’s underlying creek, such as after heavy rains or during the monsoon season.
  • Located in the East Khasi Hills region of Meghalaya, not far from the city of Cherrapunji, are the stunning Kynrem Waterfalls.
  • Cherrapunji is around 17.2 kilometres from the falls. Located inside Thangkharang Park, it is among the most visited attractions in all of Cherrapunji. It ranks as India’s seventh-highest waterfall.
  • One of Meghalaya’s highest waterfalls is Kynrem Falls. Located at a height of around 305,1 metres, it is one of the waterfalls that descends in three levels from the top of a hill (1,002 ft).
  • Similarly to other nearby waterfalls, the ideal time to see Kynrem Falls is during the monsoon season. The best time to see the falls, then, is now, when the weather is just right.
  • The best views of the waterfalls can be seen from the observation platform within Thangkharang Park, a peaceful little botanical park with several seats and picnic areas for relaxing.
  • Thangkharang is a viewpoint on the route between Cherrapunji and the Bangladeshi border, located further 7.2 kilometres down the road. Awe-inspiring as the vista of the water rushing down beneath the bridge is, it is matched by the sight of the three tiers of the fall below.
  • It is not necessary to be an expert spelunker to experience the wonders of Meghalaya’s cave systems. Traveling time to Mawsmai Cave from Sohra is rather quick, making it an attractive option for tourists.
  • Crawling and squeezing into tiny places is a natural element of exploring many caves and adds an exciting dimension to the cave exploration experience. The open route into Mawsmai Cave is not difficult, does not take long, and poses little danger to tourists.
  • On top of that, if you look attentively at the cave’s rock formations and walls, you’ll be able to see a number of fossils that have made this cave famous.

Thangkharang Park Meghalaya Location Entry Fee Visiting Hour

  • Some of India’s longest caves, including all 10 of the country’s longest caves, are located in Meghalaya. The steady flow of water and the disintegration of the limestone have generated these subterranean networks, which have spread throughout the southern mountains like a maze.
  • Insight into the fascinating world just under the surface may be gained via Mawsmai. A short hike through a heavily wooded area filled with the constant sounds of birds and insects leads to the Mawsmai caves, making for a relaxing experience.
  • The Mawsmai caverns are in a habitat for vanishing wildlife. Several visitors choose to have some quiet time for themselves and stroll around the adjacent forests after their cave tour.
  • Mawsmai Cave may be reached through the scenic but congested Shillong-Sohra route. The cave is accessible from that point.
  • After leaving the undulating meadows behind, you will begin to walk along the edge of enormous valleys covered with dense vegetation.
  • It is strongly recommended that you stop at Mawkdok for a cup of tea and to soak in the stunning vistas. The renowned rest stop also offers ziplining so that guests may combine two of their favourite activities into one trip.

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