Swamimalai Swaminathaswamy Temple History Location Timings

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The Hindu god Murugan is venerated in the Swaminathaswamy Temple in Kumbakonam, which is located on a hill in the Swamimalai region of Tamil Nadu. The Swaminathaswamy Temple is in the Swamimalai area of Tamil Nadu.

The word “Arupadaiveedu” is the only one that is ever going to be used when referring to any of Murugan’s six sacred sanctuaries. While there are further temples in the complex that are dedicated to Murugan’s mother Parvathy and his father Shiva, these temples are not situated atop the hill but rather at the foot of the hill.

Swamimalai Swaminathaswamy Temple History Location Timings

  • There are sixty steps going up to the main temple at the top of the hill, and each one of those stairs is named after a different year in the Tamil calendar. The temple has three gopurams, which are similar to entrance gates, and there are also three courtyards within the temple (prakaras).
  • The tale of how the temple earned its name is intriguing in and of itself, but the history behind it is much more so. It is said that Murugan became known as Swaminathaswamy after he praised the benefits of the Pranava Mantra to his father. This is when his father gave him the name Swaminathaswamy. Because of this, people began to refer to him by this name.
  • The temple was first built during the Sangam Period, which occurred in the second century BC; nevertheless, it went through significant renovations and alterations under the reign of Parnataka Chola I. Around the second century B.C., the temple was first built on its current site. After suffering extensive destruction and damage as a result of the Anglo-French War in the year 1741, the temple was eventually brought back to its previous state by the authorities who oversaw its maintenance.
  • The Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the Government of Tamil Nadu is presently in charge of both the upkeep of the temple as well as the management of its business operations. The origins of this temple are the subject of a multitude of legends and tall stories that have been passed down through the generations.
  • The one that is most well known states that Brahma, the God of Creation, ridiculed Muruga when he was a youngster. This is the one that is most often cited. As Muruga’s rage reached a breaking point, he approached him and demanded to know what caused the cosmos to come into being. Muruga presented a challenge to Brahma when he learned that Brahma was a Vedic reciter.

Swamimalai Swaminathaswamy Temple History Location Timings

The challenge asked Brahma to explain the meaning of the Pranava Mantra. Muruga then struck Brahma in the face with an open palm and imprisoned him after that. He came to the conclusion that he would rather create something for himself than have someone else do it for him. When the other gods were shocked by Brahma’s departure and Muruga’s refusal to take on any further labour, they submitted a plea to Lord Vishnu for aid in calming down Muruga so that he could go on with his responsibilities.

On the other hand, Muruga was completely impervious to any and all proposals. Shiva stepped in to help Brahma after all other viable channels had been exhausted without yielding the desired results. The request that Shiva made of Muruga was agreed with, but only on the condition that Brahma first get a comprehension of the Pranava Mantra.

Pooja Details  Cost Purpose
Satrusamhara Thirusadaii Rs 1010/- For a Family It Removes Enemies
Sahasra Naamam Rs 1510/-
for a Family There Will be no any Shortage of the Basic Needs In Life
Padi Poojai Rs 4010/-
for a Family Prayers offered to 18 hill deities That Safe guards Lord Ayyappa.
Ayush Homam Rs 7010/- For a Family For Longer Life
Navagraha Homam Rs 5010/- For a Family To Gain blessings from the Nine celestial bodies
Special Abhishekham For Murugan Rs 3010/- For a Family To Overcome Failure in Business
Shubamangala Deepa Pooja Rs 3010/-
For a Person For Marriage Issues(Recovered within 49 Days)
Rudtabhishekham Rs 15010/- For Marriage

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