St. Angelo Fort Kannur History Location Attractions Timings

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The Kannur Kotta often referred to as St. Angelo Fort, is a fort located in the city of Kannur in the state of Kerala in southern India. It looks out over the Arabian Sea. It’s often known as the Kannur Fort due to its greater popularity is a huge laterite fort in the shape of a triangle and is considered to be one of the most significant historical structures in the city.

During its existence, St. Angelo Fort has been at the center of a number of controversies. If you’re into history, you’ll be impressed by the fort’s amazing architecture. This is a very magnificent location for a fort. The fort isn’t always in ideal shape, but it still has a lot going for it. Beautiful sunsets over the Arabian Sea are a must-see.

St. Angelo Fort Kannur History Location Attractions Timings

Don Francesco de Almeida, who served as the first viceroy of Portugal, was the one who constructed the enormous bastions that encircle the Portuguese fort. The first Portuguese Viceroy of India was responsible for the construction of Fort St. Angelos, also known as the Kannur Fort on occasion. This fort was an important source of supplies for the Portuguese navy that eventually took control of Goa and Malacca. The Dutch were successful in driving the Portuguese out of the fort and took control of it.

As part of the remodeling effort that brought the fort up to its present level of complexity, three bastions with the names Hollandia, Zeelandia, and Frieslandia were built. Saint Angelos Fort is well-known for the intriguing tales it harbors and the dramatic occurrences that took place inside its walls. Many dynasties, both domestic and foreign, were competitively interested in taking control of this fort, which led to several violent conflicts. One of the many brutal naval confrontations that took place during this time period was known as the Battle of Diu.

To combat the Portuguese, the kings of Gujarat and Calicut formed a unified front and attracted foreign allies such as the Egyptians, the Ottoman Turks, and the Venetians to support them in their war. After the Portuguese victory, a political scheme began to develop, despite the fact that the Viceroy emerged victorious from the fight. After the Battle of Diu, Almeida had Alfonso de Albuquerque jailed because the latter suspected that the former wanted to replace him as Viceroy.

St. Angelo Fort Kannur History Location Attractions Timings

Along with Almeida, Albuquerque had led the Portuguese army in the past. Almeida held him captive in the same St. Angelos Fort during the majority of the period of roughly six months. In spite of the fact that the Portuguese government in Portugal supported Albuquerque, which was ultimately successful in seizing control, the Portuguese were compelled to relinquish their hold on the fort. The fort is in the shape of a triangle and is constructed entirely out of laterite stone; it is located on the shore of the Arabian Sea.

This enormous fort is surrounded by a moat, and the walls are ornamented with cannons made of pure iron; it is generally considered to be one of the best attractions in all of Kannur. A single hole in each cell’s wall served as the inmate feeding access point for the several cells that made up the fort. The complex of the fort has a chapel that has been refurbished, the graves of soldiers who died while defending the fort, as well as large bastions.

Also, the British built the very first lighthouse in Kannur, which is located quite near the fort on the island. Mopilla Bay and Dharamadam Island may be seen in their full splendor from the fort’s vantage point. This huge triangular fort constructed of red laterite stones had a troubled past but is today a haven of tranquility. The fort, perched high above the Arabian Sea, is surrounded by a stunning garden. The fort has several large buildings, including a church, stables, a prison, and a storehouse for weapons and ammunition.

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