Nameri River Rafting History Location Entry Fee Timings

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Nameri National Park is also a Tiger Reserve, having been designated as such in 2000. It is Assam’s second Tiger Reserve, following Manas National Park. The Nameri Tiger Reserve is located in the northern part of Assam’s Sonitpur district and along the foothills of Arunachal Pradesh’s Eastern Himalayas, sharing an interstate boundary with the Pakke Tiger Reserve.

Nameri Tiger Reserve was formed by combining the Naduar Reserve Forest, the Balipara Reserve Forest, and the Souai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary. The Nameri Tiger Reserve encompasses the Nameri National Park core area of 200 square kilometers, the Sonai Rupai Satellite Core Wildlife Sanctuary of 120 square kilometers, and the Eastern and Western Buffers of 144 square kilometers.

The Sonitpur Elephant Reserve includes the Nameri Tiger Reserve, which supports a rare assemblage of sympathizing carnivores, avians, amphibians, and reptiles. The vegetation in this area ranges from riverine grasslands to flood plains in Assam Valley to evergreen forests at the Eastern Himalayan foothills.

Nameri River Rafting History Location Entry Fee Timings

  1. In 1978, Nameri was designated as a Reserve Forest.
  2. In 1985, the Nameri Forest Reserve was designated as the Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary.
  3. With the sighting of the White Winged Wood Duck species in 1995, Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary began to gain prominence.
  4. Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary was designated as the Nameri National Park in 1998. This designation paved the way for many surveys at the Nameri National Park, which resulted in the sighting of Tigers and Elephants.
  5. In the year 2000, Nameri National Park was designated as a Tiger Reserve.

Nameri River Rafting History Location Entry Fee Timings

  • Park Entry Cost – Indians 50; Foreigners 500; Ferry 20.
  • Photography 50, videography 500
  • Timings – 6 Am -2 Pm
  • When to go – The months of November to April are ideal for visiting because the weather is mild. The best sightings February–March
  • Suggestion – Bring binoculars. Avoid wearing bright colors, particularly red. Because there are so many leeches, wear comfortable walking shoes or boots.

What To Do In Nameri River

Although safaris are not available in Nameri, visitors do not have to wait for wildlife to come to them. There are several ways to explore the park, including by boat and on foot. Visitors are permitted to travel with an official guide along a few designated walking trails that wind through a few kilometers of forest, grassland, and riverbank. Additionally, they have the option of rowing down the Jia Bhoroli while observing the forest on both sides, moving through calm shallow rapids and calmer deep stretches.

Rafting on a River

A trip to Nameri isn’t complete unless you try river rafting. The Jia Bhoroli river’s calm rapids are ideal for beginners. The journey usually begins 13 kilometers upstream and should take no more than three hours if you do not stop along the way. It’s very likely that you’ll see birds like the Ibisbill and the long-billed plover along the way, as well as larger animals drinking at the river’s edge.

Nameri River Rafting Entry Fee: Rs 50/- per person in India, Still Camera Rs 50, Video Camera Rs 500, Per boat fee Rs 300
Foreigner per person Rs 500, Still Camera Rs 50, Video Camera Rs 500, Per boat fee Rs 300

In addition to the tiger and elephant, you may see a leopard, slow loris, sambar, dhole, barking deer, sloth bear, Indian bison, fox, capped langur, and a variety of turtles such as the Indian soft-shelled turtle and Asian leaf turtle. Serious birders will enjoy such nature trails as well, one of which includes getting up at the crack of dawn.


  • Located in Assam, Sonitpur District, in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas.
  • Distance: 216 kilometers northeast of Guwahati, 35 kilometers north of Tezpur
  • The route begins in Guwahati. Take NH37 to NH36, then to NH52 via Tezpur.
  • Air-Tezpur (40km/1.5 hrs) is the nearest airport, with Air India connecting it to Kolkata and Silchar. A taxi will cost you 1,200/-.
  • Rail- The nearest railhead is in Guwahati (212 km/ 5 hours). A taxi costs approximately 4,000/-.
  • Road-NH31 to Baihatta Chariali from Guwahati; NH52 to Balipara via Mangaldai, Kharupatia, Rowta, Orang, Dhekiajuli, and Mission Chariali; state road to Nameri turn-off via Charduar; forest road to Nameri National Park. Every 30 minutes, state buses as well as private buses leave Guwahati. They drop you off in Balipara (18km). A taxi ride costs 400/-.

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