Munnar Echo Point Kerala History Boating Cost Timings Info

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Echo Point in Munnar is a popular tourist destination that draws visitors all year long. The natural echo phenomena that happen there is responsible for the name of the entrancing location. What makes this location special is that when you yell, your voice echoes back to you just as you had projected it. The highest point in Munnar is the Top Station, and you’ll pass through Echo Point on your route there.

Nestled throughout the hills and valleys of Echo Point are several tea plantations, spice farms, and coffee farms, all contributing to the area’s stunning natural beauty. As a bonus, it’s also a lovely place for strolls in the great outdoors and other forms of hiking. The lush, verdant hills offer a lovely setting for capturing quiet reflections and breathtaking scenery.

Munnar Echo Point Kerala History Boating Cost Timings Info

  • When to go to Munnar Echo Point, how much it costs to get in, where to stay, and how to make a reservation
  • The sound of your voice will reverberate in this area.
  • Each visitor will be charged 10 rupees ($0.1).
  • Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Daily.
  • The use of still and moving images for promotional purposes is free of charge (not commercial).
  • Timespan of the Echo Point Boat Trip in Munnar
  • Pedal Boat Tickets, 30-Minute Duration, Rs.300
  • 3 (including children) (including children)
  • 15 minutes for Rs.200 on a speedboat.
  • Two-Horse Cart for Rs.200, 15 Minutes
  • 1 The fees listed above are subject to change at any time and without notice.
  • The months of October through May are prime time for a vacation there.
  • The months of November through March see the greatest influx of visitors. Go there while it’s cold out for the best experience.

Modes To Reach Munnar Echo Point 

  • It is 124 kilometers from the closest airport in Kochi, which is the most convenient option for those traveling by air.
  • There is a train station 126 kilometers away in Kochi, however, it is not the closest.
  • It’s a 15-kilometer drive from Munnar’s main town.
  • Munnar town is where you may get taxis for hire.

Munnar Echo Point Kerala History Boating Cost Timings Info

What makes Echo Point Munnar so special?

The natural beauty of the echo point is a major draw for visitors. Hearing your echo now is like a huge relief. Even when out on the water, you can hear the echo. The Echo Point is Munnar’s most photogenic and breathtaking landmark.

Launching from Echo Point in Munnar

It’s a wonderful destination for a group outing. After a long travel, the visitors may take a seat and recharge their batteries. Many street vendors sell cheap clothing, accessories, and jewelry. Your greatest bet for photographing the area is at the tranquil lake close to the echo spot. It’s a really tranquil and cool environment.

Is there anything I should know before visiting Echo Point in Munnar?
Although October sees temperatures around 15°C to 20°C, November sees temperatures as low as 12°C. December and January have temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Forecast for Munnar’s Echo Point

Temperatures at Munnar increase rapidly throughout the spring, going from around 17 to about 22 degrees Celsius. In April, Munnar may go up to a comfortable 25 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature recorded in May was 33 degrees.

There are visiting times, Apart from the Echo Point Munnar entrance charge and weekly off,
The store is open from 6 AM to 7:30 PM. The place is not available for weekly vacations. Munnar’s picturesque magnificence, including the morning sunrise, is worth visiting only for this reason. The goal is to encourage as many tourist-related events as possible in Echo Point. The venue does not charge guests to enter. It’s 13 kilometers from Munnar to Mattupetty, where you’ll find Echo Point.

Advice for Future Visitors to Echo Point, Munnar Woolen garments, scarves, and mufflers are recommended for visitors to Echo Point Munnar. Homestays and motels should be reserved in advance if you’re traveling. At the time when the Neelakurinji flower is in bloom, the rate would be extremely high. It is recommended that passengers carry both the original and a photocopy of their legitimate identification while traveling.

Points of Interest close to Echo Point in Munnar A Dam Named Mattupetty. Located in the heart of India and Switzerland, the Mattupetty Indo-Swiss Dairy Farm. Development of the Echo Point Park Hydel
Mount Anamudi, Attukal Waterfalls at the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate Hydroelectric Generating Facilities in the Pallivasal River Valley Atop Pallivasal, near the Pallivasal Waterfall Lookout

Boating Paddleboats and speedboats are available for rent on Kundala Lake, where you and your loved ones may spend quality time on the water.

Photography Echo Point in Munnar is an absolute must for any nature or landscape photographer.

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