Kukke Subramanya Sankshipta Seva Online Booking

Know More Details About The Kukke Subramanya Sankshipta Seva Online Booking, Tickets Online Booking, Seva Costs, Tickets Offline Booking, And More

Kukke Subramanya Sankshipta Seva Online Booking, Tickets Online Booking, And More

The Kukke Subramanya Temple, located in the picturesque Western Ghats of Karnataka, is a renowned pilgrimage site dedicated to Lord Subramanya, the son of Lord Shiva. This ancient temple holds immense religious significance and attracts devotees from far and wide. One of the key rituals performed at the temple is the Kukke Subramanya Sankshipta Seva, which offers devotees a unique opportunity to seek the blessings of the deity.

Kukke Subramanya Sankshipta Seva Online Booking

Sankshipta Seva: An Overview

The Kukke Subramanya Sankshipta Seva is a special puja conducted inside the temple premises. It is a shortened version of the regular Sarpa Samskara Seva, which is performed to seek relief from Sarpa Dosha (a belief related to the ill effects of the serpent curse). The Sankshipta Seva is conducted daily and allows devotees to participate in the ritual without the need for elaborate preparations.

Online Booking: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Gone are the days when devotees had to stand in long queues to book tickets for the Sankshipta Seva. The temple authorities have introduced an online booking system, making it easier for devotees to secure their slots. To book online, visit the official website of the Kukke Subramanya Temple and navigate to the Sankshipta Seva section. Select the preferred date and time slot, provide the necessary details, and make the payment online. Once the booking is confirmed, devotees will receive an e-ticket via email.

Tickets: Offline Booking

For those who prefer to book their Sankshipta Seva tickets offline, the temple provides an option to do so. Devotees can visit the temple office and book their tickets in person. It is advisable to check the availability of slots beforehand, as the demand for the Sankshipta Seva is high.

Seva Costs: A Token of Devotion

The Sankshipta Seva is conducted in two different halls within the temple premises, namely the Vasuki Mantapa and the Subramanya Mantapa. The cost of the seva varies depending on the hall chosen. The Vasuki Mantapa Seva is priced at INR 2000, while the Subramanya Mantapa Seva costs INR 3000. These charges cover the puja materials and other expenses incurred during the ritual.

Dress Code: Appropriate Attire for Divine Grace

Devotees participating in the Sankshipta Seva are required to adhere to a strict dress code. Men are expected to wear traditional attire such as dhoti or mundu along with a shawl or upper garment. Women should wear sarees, salwar kameez, or other traditional outfits. It is believed that following the dress code enhances the spiritual experience and shows respect towards the deity.

Mythology and Significance

The Kukke Subramanya Temple is steeped in mythology and holds a significant place in Hindu folklore. According to the legends, Lord Subramanya defeated the powerful demon Vasuki and settled in this region, hence the name “Kukke Subramanya.” The temple is believed to possess immense divine energy and is considered a potent place for seeking relief from Sarpa Dosha. Devotees believe that performing the Sankshipta Seva with utmost devotion can bring blessings, prosperity, and protection from evil forces.


The Kukke Subramanya Sankshipta Seva provides devotees with a unique opportunity to connect with the divine and seek blessings from Lord Subramanya. With the convenience of online booking, devotees can secure their slots without any hassle. The temple’s rich mythology and religious significance make it a must-visit destination for those seeking spiritual solace. So, plan your visit, follow the dress code, and immerse yourself in the sacred atmosphere of the Kukke Subramanya Temple.

Remember, the journey to a temple is not just a physical one, but also a spiritual and emotional one. Embrace the experience with an open heart and let the divine energy guide you on your path.

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