Kaziranga National Park Elephant Safari Timings Entry Price

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The Assam region including Kaziranga National Park is split between the Golaghat District and the Nagaon District. It stretches across 430 square kilometers between the Karbi Anglong hills in the south and the Brahmaputra River in the north and is Assam’s oldest park. Highway 37 cuts through the park and tea plantations, which are surrounded by flat-topped tea trees. In fact, wild elephants and rhinos are so used to the proximity of the road that they often go right up to it.

Kaziranga National Park is home to the endangered Great Indian one-horned rhinoceros and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park’s terrain consists of dense woodland, towering elephant grass, rough reeds, marshes, and tiny lakes. In 1974, it was designated a National Park by the government. In eastern India, Kaziranga National Park is one of the few remaining undeveloped regions. Many species of animals, including tigers, elephants, panthers, and bears, as well as tens of thousands of birds, call this region home.

From late fall until early spring (nov-October), park visitors may use the facilities. Visitors to the park have the option of either taking an elephant ride or a boat excursion down the Brahmaputra.

Kaziranga National Park Elephant Safari Timings Entry Price

Jeep Safari at Kaziranga National Park:

Timeframe for Morning Jeep Safaris Afternoon Jeep Safari Time: 07:00 AM – 09:30 AM Time for the Jeep Safari: 01:30 PM-05:30 PM.

Elephant Safari at Kaziranga National Park:

Kohora (central) Range 05:00 am-06:00 am 06:00 am-07:00 am Not Allowed
Bagori ( Western) Range 05:00 am-06:00 am 06:00 am-07:00 am 07:00 am-08:00 am
Agaratoli (Eastern) Range Not Available Not Available Not Available
Burapahar (ghorakati) Range Not Available Not Available Not Available

The fantastic range of Elephant Safari trip itineraries is perfect for those who want to view woods of varying terrain and get a closer look at exotic creatures. Since the park is so compact, visitors may get up and personal with roving herds of one-horned rhinos. Kaziranga’s diverse biodiversity transforms your vacation into a pleasant experience by allowing you to see creatures in their native environment from close range.

The wildest and most inaccessible parts of the Kaziranga woods may be safely explored on an elephant safari. Elephant rides are the ideal way to go about in the thicker parts of the forest and look for elusive animals. It aids the tourist in walking across such tough terrains that your jeep cannot access. Booking in advance is recommended. It’s first come, first served for the elephant seats.

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Kaziranga National Park Elephant Safari Timings Entry Price

You may explore the park in one of four distinct areas:

It’s crucial that you know these things before embarking on your Elephant Safari in Kaziranga. Nevertheless, the elephant safari is only offered in two regions: the central, or Kaziranga, range, and the western, or Bagori, area. In order to get a good look at the rhinos, most tourists choose to go on a safari in the western part of the country. There is no poor area in the park, so don’t form an opinion based on where you think you’ll end up. Forests, meadows, animal and bird densities, land topography, terrains, and other environmental factors distinguish one region from another.

The Kohora Range, often known as the Central Range, begins with the Mihimukh Riding Tower. The longest time that visitors may spend on an elephant safari is 60 minutes. The Dagland and Foliomari region is a common stopping point for safari rides. Safari itineraries in the central range are as follows: (Mihimukh – Kathpora -Daphlang – Diffolu River Bank -Mona Beel – Karasing & back).

The Bagori administrative center serves as the beginning point for the Western Range, an important commercial region. Safaris in the western zone are more popular since visitors may get a close look at the endangered one-horned rhino. These are the approved safari routes: (Ongabeel -Rouman – Rajapukhuri -Monabeel & back).

Kaziranga Elephant Safari – Consider the following before you leave: 

  • The ideal time to see the elusive one-horned rhino is early in the morning, and a safari on the back of an elephant will get you there as early as 05:00 am, giving you a far better chance of success.
  • Only non-locals and VIP attendees are allowed inside the Kohora Safari Zone on Elephant safari.
  • Visitors from India may embark on an Elephant Safari at Bagori Safari Zone.
  • Elephant Safari, Officials at Kaziranga National Park set the schedule and choose the routes.
  • The park administration may alter the schedule and/or the route for safety or operational reasons.
  • Make no assumptions about any given safari area, as per rule number seven.
  • you may get to the center of Kaziranga National Park through all safari zones.
  • The forest, grassland, animal, and bird diversity and geography of each region are stunning.
  • The maximum number of passengers permitted on an Elephant is 4.
  • ten elephants and two forest guards approach the safari area.
  • The western Zone entrance, known as Bagori, is where your elephant safari will begin.
  • The elephants employed on safaris in Kaziranga have received extensive training from the forest service.
  • Since there are only so many places on the elephants, booking in advance is highly recommended.

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