Kangla Fort Imphal History Cost Timings Entry Fees Manipur

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Kangla has a particular place in the hearts and thoughts of the people of Manipur since it was the seat of authority for Manipur until the year 1891, as well as the historical embodiment of Manipuri Rulers and the people of Manipur. The term “Kangla,” which is a dialect of the Meitei linguistic family, translates to “Dry Land” in its literal sense. Imphal, the current capital of Manipur, was formerly the location of the state’s historic capital, which is now located in the city’s centre.

The citadel has been the subject of discussion in ‘Cheitharol Kummaba’ ever since Pakhangba’s time. There was a period when the fort was located on both sides of the River Imphal; however, all that is left of it today is the ruins that are located on the western border of the river bank. Although it is now recognised as a historical and archaeological site, it is nevertheless peppered with a number of shrines that continue to be respected by the people who live in the surrounding Northeast states.

Kangla Fort Imphal History Cost Timings Entry Fees Manipur

The Kangla Fort in Manipur is considered to be the city’s pride due to the fort’s ability to convey the city’s extensive history, culture, and customs. The fort may be found in the vicinity of the Imphal river. The pride of the state is represented here by this fort, which rises tall. This fort is a well-known destination for vacationers, and the reason for its popularity is twofold: first, the archaeological value of the site draws people in, and second, the fort’s long history fascinates them.

Numerous myths and tales sprang up around the splendour of the fort, and on November 20, 2004, the Assam Rifles and the state government of Manipur collaborated to put in a lot of effort to recover its lost legacy. The Manipur Government recognised the fort as “The Manipur Ancient and Historical Monument and Archaeological Sites,” and it is now a protected archaeological site. Around 236.84 acres make up the size of the fort.

Kangla Fort Imphal History Cost Timings Entry Fees Manipur Details

From the year 33 A.D., Kangla has held the position as the political capital of the state, making it a revered location for the people of the state. It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the state and has a unique importance to the people of Manipur as well as the state of Manipur itself. The remnants of this ancient place contain the imprints of the ancestors who formerly controlled Manipur as well as the Monarchs who ruled the region before the British assumed control of the state in 1891.

The Kangla and its relics are a living representation of Manipur’s civilisation; the state’s centuries-old culture and customs may be found ingrained in the structure of the Kangla. It is thought that Kangla was the first patch of dry ground to emerge after the valley had been submerged under water for an extended period of time during the ancient ages. The term “Kangla” refers to a portion of the earth that had just risen as the dry ground in the location where the Kangla Fort is located in the present day.

Kangla’s advantageous position in the middle of Imphal city, which is Manipur’s capital, makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state. The area immediately surrounding Kangla Fort is full of well-known tourist destinations, such as the World War II cemeteries that are looked after by the Commonwealth Graves Commission, the Shree Shree Govindajee Temple, Ema Market, and Shaheed Minar, amongst others, all of which encourage tourists, pilgrims, and photographers to pay Kangla a visit in order to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual traditions of the people who live in the surrounding area of Manipur.

Important Information About The Kangla Fort Imphal History Cost Timings Entry Fees Manipur

  • The Kangala Fort Houses are where you may see important monuments and locations (Shrines)
  • There are close to 360 significant shrines in this area.
  • locations of archaeological interest.
  • Political strongholds
  • Nungjeng Pukhri (holy pond) Chingkhei Nungjeng (holy pond) Lai Pukhri(holy pond) Manung Nungjeng (holy pond)
  • Other holy sites, such as Nunggoibi and others like it
  • Kangla Fort Opening Time: 7 am to 5 am
  • Kangla Fort The entry fee is the same every day of the week (except Wednesday)
  • Rs – 10 /- per person

How Does One Go To The Kangla Fort In Imphal?

  • Via Plane: the distance from Imphal Airport to the city centre is 8 kilometres.
  • The rail station is located in Noney, which is 63 kilometres away
  • The Bus Stop is about two kilometres away while travelling by road.

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