Jim Corbett Waterfalls Location Entry Fee Nearby Places

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Corbett Falls, a sight to see, can be located near Kaladhungi, which is 25.3 km from Ramnagar. This waterfall, which is 67 feet high and is surrounded by dense woods, makes for a beautiful picture, especially when the moon is full and the surrounding forest is silent.

Many visitors to the region come to enjoy the outdoors by camping or having a picnic. The beautiful Corbett Waterfalls are just a 2.5-kilometer stroll away. Located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India.

Jim Corbett Waterfalls Location Entry Fee Nearby Places

The highly endangered Bengal tiger may be found in both Corbett National Park and the bigger Corbett Tiger Reserve. Jim Corbett National Park is famous for its animal safaris and also has many resorts along the river. For birdwatchers, it is a veritable paradise, since it is home to over 651 distinct species, including both native and migratory birds. The most visited place in all of Corbett National Park is the forest lodge known as Dhikala, which can be located on the outskirts of Patil Dun Valley and is famous for its gorgeous location and plentiful wildlife.

The park only allows 183 vehicles every day. From July through October, the park is inaccessible due to the monsoons in Jim Corbett National Park. By contrast, Jhirna, Dhela, and Sitabani are open to tourists all year. Every zone has a pair of shifts of forest officials who work together to set up safaris.

While it was still called the Hailey National Park in 1934, the legendary hunter and naturalist Jim Corbett was the impetus for the establishment of what is now known as Jim Corbett National Park. The park was named for him. The first Project Tiger test was conducted here in 1972. The park spans around 510 km2 and is divided into five unique ecoregions. In order to visit Jim Corbett National Park, you must first get a permit from the Uttarakhand government’s forest department.

Jim Corbett Waterfalls Location Entry Fee Nearby Places

  • The day-trip safari permit may be obtained at the park’s main gate.
    The Corbett reserve park office reception in Ramnagar city is where visitors may apply for permission to stay in one of the park’s forest rest cottages. The park is home to these rustic cabins.
  • The sal woods make up more than 76% of the park’s total area and are the primary habitat there. The tree species Sal, Khair, and Sisso stand out as three of the most prevalent. There are several places on Earth where male-headed bamboo forests prevail. Just the Chir Pine, a conifer, can be found in this area. Despite the fact that many more plant species have contributed to the tremendous diversity of the flora in this reserve, you won’t locate too many of them.
  • There are numerous flowering trees in Jim Corbett National Park, and they are significantly responsible for the park’s allure and lushness. The most well-known names are Kachnar, which means “white tom pink blossoms,” Semal, which means “big red blooms,” flame of the forest,” Dhak, which means “brilliant orange,” etc.
  • Jim Corbett has historically provided a safe haven for a wide variety of wildlife, but it is notably rich in rare and critically endangered species like the Asian elephant and the Ghariyal. The spectacular Royal Bengal Tiger is the main draw of this reserve, which draws thousands of visitors every year for thrilling jungle safaris. The Asian black bear, hog deer, walking deer, sambar, and sloth are just a few of the other species that may be found in Jim Corbett in large numbers.

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