Idukki Hill Station Kerala History Sight Seeing Places

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Idukki is a district in the Indian state of Kerala, and since it is completely surrounded by other areas of the state, it is one of the locations in Kerala with the largest concentration of natural characteristics. The resort’s gorgeous bungalows, animal sanctuaries, tea factories, rubber plantations, and forested regions have earned it a reputation as a top destination in the highlands.

The 651-foot-long and 551-foot-tall arch dam in Idukki is the longest and tallest of its kind in India. It crosses the Kuravan Kurathi mountain. The dam is the longest one in the whole nation. Anamudi, India’s tallest mountain, is located in Idukki, to the south of the Himalayas.

Idukki Hill Station Kerala History Sight Seeing Places

  • These two mountains are both parts of the Western Ghats. Idukki is one of the state’s districts with significant potential to become a pioneer in ecotourism provided the appropriate infrastructure and promotional initiatives are put in place. If these measures are taken, Idukki might quickly rise to the top of the ecotourism world.
  • You may get traditional vegetarian or non-vegetarian Malayalee meals in this area according to your choices. Thattukadas, or little tea cafes, are famous for serving cuisine that is both very tasty and guaranteed to provide your taste buds with the most pleasurable experience possible.
  • The first thing you should do after touching down in Idukki is going to the Munnar area to check out the local tea plantations. While you’re here, you may sample some of the numerous types of tea for which this region is known.
  • The town of Mattuppetty, located 13.5 kilometres from Munnar’s administrative hub, has a lake, a dam, and a cattle station. Your trip might perhaps go to Mattuppetty. If you want to get a real sense of what the area around Mattuppetty is like, I highly recommend taking a boat out there.
  • On day two, you’ll get the opportunity to explore the mountainous terrain of Grampi, Echo point, and Eravikulam National Park while going on jungle treks or participating in other wildlife-related activities. Don’t miss the chance to experience the thrill of bamboo rafting and the calm of a cruise through Periyar. Following that, relax your muscles and refuel your spirit with some restorative ayurvedic treatments.

Idukki Hill Station Kerala History Sight Seeing Places

  • As there are so many waterfalls there, each of which has the power to calm the visitor’s mind and spirit, this is a vital destination. The area near Idukki has several beautiful waterfalls, including the Chellarkoil, Rainbow, Thommankuthu, Thoovanam, Cheeyappara, and Valara waterfalls.
  • If you want to see the phenomenon you care about, one of the greatest sites to go to in this region is Idukki Hill Station.
  • The Idukki hill area is a great choice for vacationers looking for both a change of scenery and a chance to recharge since it is home to both beautiful beaches and verdant tea plantations. If you’re looking for beaches where the green salt water of the sea makes your vacation taste ten times better, you’ve found the right location.
  • A culture as warm and friendly as that one makes visitors feel as if they’ve never been away from home. The district’s rugged hill terrains, ranging in altitude from 752 metres to 2010 metres, and the forest that covers 97.5 per cent of the area is difficult to overlook.
  • Even when one is experiencing the joy of outdoor trekking, one cannot escape the mountainous and rocky landscape. Idukki is known for its little water ponds surrounded by the deep green of the surrounding flora, the colour of which is emphasised by the grey sky, making visitors second-guess their choice to depart back home after they have reached their limit during their stay in Idukki.

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