Goa Dolphin Trip Entry Price Timings Location Information

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Goa is not just a famous beach destination in India, but also an ideal location for a honeymoon, a fun weekend trip with friends, or a relaxing family vacation, thus the city has plenty of attractions and activities to keep its guests of all ages entertained.

North Goa and South Goa are the two main districts that make up the state of Goa. Calangute, Baga, Candolim, and Anjuna are just a few of the popular beaches in North Goa, along with the beach shacks, Fort Aguada, Church of Mae De Dues, Boghdeshwara Temple, Chorao, and Divar Island.

But, South Goa is where you’ll find the calmer beaches like Butterfly, Palolem, Polem, and Agonda, as well as the opulent resorts, the historic churches of Se Cathedral and St. Xavier, and the beautiful Dudhsagar Waterfalls, where you can also go hiking.

Goa Dolphin Trip Entry Price Timings Location Information

Everyone who visits Goa during the high season should go on a dolphin excursion. Sitting in a 20-person boat and watching wild dolphins swim around the Arabian Sea is a popular tourist activity in Goa. The Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin and the finless porpoise are the most often seen types of dolphins. A dolphin safari in Goa takes 45 minutes, and along the route, you’ll pass through the Millionaire’s Palace and Fort Aguada Prison.

One of the most well-liked things to do in Goa is to go on a dolphin-watching tour. The Arabian Sea is reported to be home to a large population of dolphins. You may see real crocodiles in a number of places, and they’ll likely be hopping about you the whole time. The area around Fort Aguada is one example. Leaving from the Candolim region, we at Goa Tours Planner organize a one-hour Dophin seeing expedition.

A pleasant excursion is a one-hour boat ride in the Arabian Sea in which dolphins may be seen. The antics of these highly perceptive and gregarious creatures as they forage for food in the wild are certain to amuse any observer. In addition to looking for dolphins, your tour of Goa will include stops at the historic Fort Agauda, the Goa Lighthouse, and the opulent palaces of the state’s wealthy elite. At about 299 Indian Rupees, this journey is well worth doing during your free time in Goa.

  • Location: Either Candolim or Coco Beach for Departure and Return (depending on the location of your hotel)
  • Time of Departure: Your trip may begin whenever you choose between 09:00 AM and 05:00 PM.
  • Duration of Ride: It’s One Hour.
  • Dress comfortably: hats, and jackets, are not required.
  • Sightings of dolphins and Fort Aguada from Millionaire’s Palace.
  • The Goa Jail’s Shining House of Light.
  • Food and drink are not included.

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Goa Dolphin Trip Entry Price Timings Location Information

Expenses of One’s Own

Thanks to modern conveniences, planning a vacation is as easy as clicking a mouse. The starting price for the basic package is around Rs. 300/- per person. A full rate is applied to everyone above the age of three.

Cost for one person?

  • Packages range in price from the low hundreds to the high thousands. When reserved immediately, however, the cost is a flat Rs.300/-.
  • The 50-minute tour begins at the designated boat jetty.
  • Everything from a boat safari and sightseeing to a life jack and dolphin show is included in the price.

Make a Reservation Through Online For DolphinsTrip :

  • There are a few ways you may secure a position on one of our Dolphin rides: by direct contact with us, using a spot booking system, or through our convenient online booking system.
  • Credit and debit card payments are accepted since they provide a secure and convenient method to guarantee reservations. BHIM App and other app-based payment systems are also viable options. Sinquerim Boat Jetty is the most frequent tour starting point.
  • Common areas including Calangute, Baga, Candolim, and Nerul will likely be picked up from if you have arranged for a pickup, although this service may incur an extra fee.
  • If you want to see the dolphins up and personal, by all means, arrange a boat excursion and take pictures to remember the experience forever.

Is it safe to schedule a Dolphin Excursion online?

  • You should do this so that you don’t lose out on any trips because of a lack of accessible time slots.
  • There are a variety of ways to reserve a spot on a boat, including the company’s website, via phone, in person, etc.

If you’re a fan of cute and sociable animals, you’ll like dolphins. Goa is the ideal vacation spot. One of the most thrilling experiences a visitor to Goa can have is going on a dolphin-watching excursion.

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