Coonoor Sims Park Botanical Garden History Show Timings

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More than a century ago, the park and botanical garden at this unusual site was designed to follow the undulations of the land. There are many unusual species of plants that have been brought in from all over the world to live alongside native trees, shrubs, and creepers.

The park is home to many interesting plants and trees, including the rudraksha and the Queensland Karry pine. Botanists from all over the world flock to Sim’s park and the Botanical Garden, which is home to India’s largest collection of temperate plants.

Coonoor Sims Park Botanical Garden History Show Timings

The annual vegetable and fruit show is held in Sim’s Park. The pioneering efforts of the first European settlers gave birth to Sim’s Park in Coonoor. Mr. J.D. Sim, Secretary to Government, and Major Murray, acting Superintendent of the Nilgiris forests, were responsible for the park’s opening and gave the park its current name. The park originally served as a recreational space for locals and tourists.

It has since evolved into a Botanical Garden where rare and economically significant exotic species can be introduced and studied. The park is elevated above mean sea level and is located in a deep ravine on the northern side of the Coonoor railway station. It features 12 hectares of gently rolling land and many inherent benefits. It’s close to the Pasteur Institute, the Silk Worm Seed Station, and the Pomological Station.

Several unique and charming sights may be found in and around the town of Coonoor, which is located amid the beautiful Nilgiri Hills. Even if you weren’t planning on going to the park on a Saturday night in the first place, you can find yourself spending the evening there because of its breathtaking beauty, which includes rolling hills, exotic fauna, and beautifully colored flowers.

Coonoor Sims Park Botanical Garden History Show Timings

From what I’ve seen, this is the area where children are the most content with their lives. This fascinating property offers a comfortable stay. It also boasts pristine vegetation that is expertly kept and has various natural advantages. Even though there are no official guides, the park is filled with charts and tables that may help you learn about the flora and find your way around. The charts and tables can be found strategically positioned around the park.

You are mostly on your own to find the tremendous diversity and abundance of the native flora, so good luck with that! This completely natural setting has a variety of beautiful floral plants as well as grassy meadows and rock gardens. Trees, bushes, climbers, and other types of vegetation, some of which are endemic to this area and others of which are more alien, may be found here.

The rose garden is maintained in excellent condition and has some of the most exquisite and unique rose varietals found anywhere in the world. Following are a few important pieces of information for the visitors to make the visit easy and preferable.

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Coonoor Sims Park is Renowned for:

The beautiful botanical park is home to over a thousand unique plant and flower species. Boating, Sightseeing, and Exploring Nature with a Camera.

Cost of Entry:

The cost to enter is $30 for adults and $15 for children aged 3 to 12. Bringing a still camera inside will set you back 50, while video cameras will set you back 100.

Time allotted for the visit:

Most visitors spend between 1.5 and 2 hours here, however, this time may vary widely based on each individual’s preferences and pursuits.

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