Belur Math Swami Vivekananda Temple History Timings Details

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A structure known as Belur Math was erected in 1938 by the Ramakrishna Mission. Specifically, it may be found in the Indian state of West Bengal, on the western side of the river Hoogly (India). A synthesis of Hindu, Islamic, and Christian styles may be seen in Math. In 2007, the Belur Math temple-dedicated Math Railway station was opened.

Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi, and Swami Vivekananda are all honored in the majestic Math temple. There is also a museum on display in the Math temple. The Belur Math temple was described as “The Site of heritage and national Significance” by (former) honorable president Apj Abdul Kalam. The 40-acre site dedicated to the Math temple is quite impressive.

Belur Math Swami Vivekananda Temple History Timings Details

  • The SRI RAMAKRISHNA TEMPLE at Belur Math has a marble figure of Ramakrishna and architectural elements that are reminiscent of Hindu and Christian churches as well as Islamic mosques.
  • .As so, it sends a message of faith to all people. Three exquisite tombs in the style of umbrellas sit atop the temple.
  • The Ramakrishna statue at the temple is displayed on a 100-petaled lotus. Teakwood from Burma is used for both the canopies and the doors.
  • The Swami Vivekananda Temple in Belur Math is a shrine to the great Indian philosopher.
  • The site of Swami Vivekananda’s cremation is marked by this temple.
  • Swami Vivekananda loved to meditate under a Bilwa tree.
  • The Sarada Devi temple is often referred to as the Holy Mother’s Temple.
  • Sarada Devi was sacrificed and her body burned to ashes at the site where the temple now stands.
  • On December 21 of 1921, it was built.
  • There is a temple dedicated to Swami Brahmananda that may be found next to the Sarada Devi temple.
  • The museum is housed in a two-story building and has artifacts associated with Sri Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi, and Swami Vivekananda.

Significance Of Swami Vivekananda Temple Belur Math

  • A free admission policy is in place at the Belur Math Museum (No Entry Fee)
  • The address of the Belur Math Museum in India is Belur, Howrah, West Bengal 711202.
  • Morning AARTI at the Belur Math Museum: 6:10
    Time of Day: 4:10 p.m.
  • BHG Time of Day: 11:00 A.M.
    The time is now 8:30 pm
  • As a reminder, the times of the Aarti and the Bhog vary from month to month (April to September and October to March)
  • Festivals and Pujas at the Belur Math Museum in June ShodashiPuja and SnanaYatra
  • Events held in the Belur Math Museum include: Durga Puja / Kali Puja – October / November
  • Lakshmi Puja – October/November
  • The Hindu Festival of Lights, Shivratri, Occurs in February/March
  • Holidays in December – Christmas
  • Celebration of the Goddess Saraswati in February (SriSriSaraswatiPuja)
  • Ramanavami – The Month of April
  • July 19th is Guru Purnima.
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Sri Shankaracharya on May 11
  • Sri Buddhadeva, May 21st, 2009
  • 31 July – Swami RamaKrishnananda
  • August 18th, Swami Nlranjanananda
  • August 25th is Sri Krishna Janmashtami.
  • On this day in August, SwamiAdvaltananda
  • On the 24th of September, SwamiAbhedananda
  • On the 30th of September, SwamiAkhandananda
  • Monday, November 11th, SwamiSubodhananda
  • Monday, November 13th, SwamiVnanananda
  • A Message from SwamiPremananda on the 8th of December
  • On this day in December, we honor SriSriMiSaradaDev.
  • SwamiShivananda, December 24th
  • Monday, January 4th, SwamiSaradananda
  • January 11th, 2019 swamiTurlyananda
  • * SriSriSwamiji – January 19th
  • January 29th, SwamiBrahmananda
  • On January 31st, SwamiTrigunatitananda was born.
  • 10 February – SwamiAdbhutananda

Modes Of Travelling 

  • Kolkata Route CTC Bus Stop, 9 km (By Road) (Nearest)
  • Traveling by train? The Belur Train Station is about a two-kilometer walk away (Nearest)
  • By plane, you may get to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in about 16 kilometers (Nearest)

Belur Math Swami Vivekananda Temple History Timings Details

Swamiji’s shrine, a marble relief of Swamiji, is located on the ground level of the temple’s two-story edifice, which also houses a shrine with a marble picture of Om in Bengali on the upper floor. As this was a low area of land when the shrine was constructed, its floor lies below ground.

.Swamiji’s temple took an unusually long time to finish (nearly twenty one) due to a lack of funding despite sincere pleas issued both inside India and outside. It wasn’t until almost five years after Swamiji’s death, in January 1907, that building could commence. Nonetheless, development moved at a snail’s pace. On Swamiji’s birthday in January 1909, however, while the temple was still not finished being built, a big picture of Swamiji was installed and magnificently adorned within the temple.

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