Vittala Hampi Temple Time Location Procedure Benefits

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The Vittala Temple, also known as the Vitthala Temple, is located in Hampi and is an old landmark that is famous for its remarkable architecture and unparalleled workmanship that it has. It is widely acknowledged as being one of the biggest and most well-known structures in the whole city of Hampi. The temple may be found in the northeastern section of Hampi, close to the banks of the Tungabhadra River.

The world-famous temple is home to a number of magnificent stone monuments, including the unrivaled stone chariot and the unique melodic pillars. This prominent structure in Hampi is a key feature of the abandoned town, and it is strongly recommended that visitors and tourists pay a visit to it.

Vittala Hampi Temple Time Location Procedure Benefits

The Vittala Temple, which can be seen in Hampi, is widely considered to be one of the most spectacular ancient monuments. This temple is renowned across the country for its excellent workmanship. The size of this temple makes it one of the most impressive structures in all of Hampi. The temple sits on the opposite side of the Thungabadra river. This temple is well-known among people all over the world for its melodic pillars, its stone chariot, and its magnificent architecture.

During the reign of Devaraya II, this magnificent structure was constructed (1422-1446 A.D). This shrine was constructed in honor of Lord Vitthala (Lord Vishnu). The Dravidian style may be seen throughout the temple’s design. The temple is comprised of a large number of rooms as well as shrines and entrances. This temple, which is located among the ancient landmarks in Hampi, is the most popular destination in the area.

It is generally agreed that the most impressive structure in all of Hampi’s religious buildings, including temples and monuments, is the Vittala Temple. The temple is a prime example of the enormous inventiveness and architectural perfection possessed by the sculptors and craftsmen working during the time of the Vijayanagara empire.

Entry Fee Of Vittala Hampi Temple

  • Children less than 15 years old get a free still camera and a free video camera,
  • Indians pay Rs 30 per head,
  • foreigners pay Rs 100 per head.
  • guide charges are an additional Rs 30 per person.
  • Rs 300/- for each hour of a tour in an electric vehicle (beginning at the parking lot and ending at the temple)
  • Rs 20/- for each individual passenger (Two- Way)

Vittala Hampi Temple Time Location Procedure Benefits Pooja, Rituals, And Activities

  • This temple does not host any pooja ceremonies.
  • Attractions include the Stone Chariot and the Musical Pillars of the Ranga Mandapa.
  • Activities include Sightseeing, Round Boat Ferry, and Photography.

Some Fascinating Information Regarding the Musical Pillars at the Vittala Temple in Hampi

Inside the compound of the Vittala Temple are a collection of melodic pillars that have been sculpted out of massive individual chunks of resonant stone. A great number of individuals throughout history have been perplexed by the phenomenon of mysterious musical notes being produced by stone pillars.

Even the British authorities who ruled India were awestruck by the musical pillars, and they were eager to learn the mechanism behind how they worked. They cut two of the musical pillars in the Vittala Temple so that they could investigate what was inside the stone pillars and determine if there was anything that caused the stone pillars to emit musical notes. This allowed them to satisfy their curiosity and get to the bottom of the mystery that surrounded the incredible pillars. On the other hand, nothing was discovered inside the pillars.

Even in modern times, tourists are able to go within the temple complex and observe the two carved pillars that were originally erected by the British overlords.

Directions to the Vittala Temple in Hampi

  • By Plane: The closest airport is Bellary Airport, which is located 38 kilometers away.
  • Hospet Railway Station is the closest train station, and it is located 17 kilometers away.
  • By Road: The closest KSRTC Bus Stand is located in Hospet and is 17 kilometers away.

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