Tsomgo Lake Sikkim History Daily Timings Directions

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Tsomgo Lake is a glacial lake located in the East Sikkim district of Sikkim in India. It is 25 miles (40 kilometres) from Gangtok, the state capital. Due to its location at an altitude of 3,753 metres (12,313 feet), the lake is completely frozen over throughout the winter months. The indigenous Sikkimese people have a deep regard for the lake, which is said to reflect various colours depending on the time of year and is held in high esteem. After seeing how the colours of the lake changed over time, Buddhist monks made their predictions.

The name Tsomgo comes from two words in the Bhutia language: “tso”, which means “lake,” and “mgo”, which means “head.” Taken together, these phrases give the name its literal meaning of “source of the lake.”

Tsomgo Lake Sikkim History Daily Timings Directions Entry

The lake is in the shape of an oval and has a total area of 24.47 hectares (60.5 acres). The lake extends for a maximum distance of 836 metres (2,743 ft) in length, while its breadth extends for a maximum distance of 427 metres (1,401 ft). There have been reports of depths as much as 15 metres (49 feet), although the average depth is just 4.58 metres (15.0 ft). The turbidity level of the lake water is considered to be moderate.

The lake serves as the location for the Guru Purnima celebration, which is also known as the Raksha Bandhan festival. During this festival, the faith healers of Sikkim, who are known as Jhakris, gather at the lake in order to take advantage of the curative properties of the lake waters.

History Of Tsomgo Lake Sikkim

East Sikkim, India is the location of Tsomgo, also known as Changu Lake or Tshangu. It is roughly 38 kilometres distant from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, which is the closest major city (on the way to Nathula or Nathu la). “Tso” translates to “lake” in the Bhutia language, while “Mgo” means “head.” The inhabitants of this area consider this glacier lake to be holy, and they conceived of it. The snow that falls on the mountains that surround the holy lake eventually melts and provides the lake with its water supply.

The glacial lake known as Tsomgo may be found at an elevation of 3,780 metres and has an estimated width of 0.5 kilometres and a length of one kilometre. Its length is about one kilometre. Due to the fact that the lake is considered holy, it is adorned with prayer wheels and is encircled by colourful prayer flags that float in the breeze.

In addition to the snow and tourists, the glacier lake is covered with gumboots, gloves, and coats that can be rented so that people may enjoy the snow and glacial lake. A ride on a yak is another option available to passengers. The Tsomgo lake, which is located at the border between India and China, creates the impression that one is in Switzerland while in India, and it is home to a number of stunning tourist attractions.

Instructions And Yak Ride At Tsomgo Lake Sikkim


  • Since the lake is situated in a protected region, it is necessary for any and all Indians who want to go there to first seek permission from the appropriate authorities. In the event that the individual in question is a foreign person, specific authorization is required.
  • On November 6, 2006, an Indian Postal Service commemorative stamp on the lake was made available to the public.

Yak Riding Information

  • Yak riding is a lot of fun, and the lovely Tsomgo Lake is the perfect place to go for it. Yaks are often found at higher elevations, anywhere from 9,000 to 7,000 feet. Yaks may be taken down to an altitude of around 7,000 feet. The Yaks have a greater appeal thanks to the colourful mounts that are placed on them as well as the woollen knits that are wrapped around their horns.
  • The riders may enjoy the Tsomgo Lake scenery while having fun on a yak ride by hopping on one of the animals and travelling around the lake. The Yak ride is offered in addition to the other rides available (by vehicle). owing to the fact that yaks are able to travel at greater elevations and on any terrain that is steep.
  • One (riders) may receive a yak ride by paying for it on the spot, and they can enjoy their yak ride while going through the picturesque snowy landscape. The Yaks will take you on a trip with varying pricing ranges at distinct geographic points along the journey. At the bridge, Yak rides may be arranged to take passengers to the Kemthang location. At the low cost of ten rupees (about $0.15), guests have the option of preserving photographic memories of their enjoyable journey.

Ways To Reach Tsomgo Lake Sikkim History Timings Instructions Ways Details

  • The Bagdogra Airport is 124 kilometres away from the lake location.
  • The Siliguri Railway Station is 114 kilometres away if you go there by train.
  • The Gangtok bus stand is about 35 kilometres away while travelling by road.

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