Tripura Museum Agartala Timings Location Price Entry Fee

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The Tripura State Museum sometimes referred to as the Tripura Government Museum, is on display at the Ujjayanta Palace in Agartala, Tripura. When it comes to museums in India’s northeast, this is by far the largest. On June 22nd, 1970, the museum we now know as the Multicultural Museum opened its doors to the public. In 2013, Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari presided over the Museum’s official opening ceremony.

Tripura Museum Agartala Timings Location Price Entry Fee

Established in 1970, the Tripura Government Museum is also known as the Tripura State Museum. The multiethnic museum that had been constructed in the palace’s courtyard in Agartala, the capital of Tripura State, was relocated there. In 2013, India’s then-vice president officially opened the relocated museum to the public.

The museum’s primary mission is to collect and exhibit artefacts relating to the natural and human heritage of India’s historic northeast. The museum serves as an excellent marketing tool for Tripura as a tourist destination.
There are as many as 76 individual galleries scattered across four enormous halls at the Ujjayanta Palace Museum. Gold coins, silver coins, bronze sculptures & coins, murals, terracotta plaques, stone inscriptions, copper plates, sketches 7 paintings, fabrics, and jewellery are just some of the 1406 artefacts on a show for visitors.

The historical significance of the stone sculptures and tablets discovered in Tripura’s various archaeological sites, such as Pilak, Jolaibari, Udaipur, and others, cannot be overstated. Stone sculptures from the Pilak site, dating Hinduism and Buddhism to the 9th to 14th century CE, are one of the museum’s most popular exhibits.

Tripura Museum Agartala Timings Location Price Entry Fee

During your time in Tripura, you should definitely make time to stop by the Tripura Government Museum near Agartala. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the state. The museum was established in 1970, and it is home to a collection of archaeological artefacts that are unearthed from sites in the surrounding areas.

Its collection is both rare and unique. This museum is an absolute must-see for vacationers who are interested in gaining a better understanding of culture and history. The most interesting things in the museum are the old Buddhist sculptures, as well as the coins, stone artefacts, and embroidery pieces.

Attractions in the Government Museum of Tripura

The Sculptures

The cities of Udaipur, Pilak, and Jolaibari are collectively responsible for a significant portion of the sculpture collection. Sculptures from Pilak portray a hybrid society that incorporates elements of both Buddhism and Hinduism. These sculptures are from a bygone era, but they are renowned for their variety and style (9th to 13th century A.D.). The majority of these are constructed out of sandstone.

The Terracotta

The museum contains terracotta figures that were unearthed in Pilak and Amarpur. The Bengal School is responsible for the creation of some of these terracotta figures. The collection was curated by the renowned historian Sri Dinesh Ch. Sen is considered to be the most valuable in the museum. The terracotta figures displayed in the museum provide a wealth of information regarding the tradition, devotion, and beliefs of the people.

The Bronze Images

The bronze sculptures in the museum exude a certain allure that has the power to win your affection. These pictures are examples of the skilled moulding techniques and fine artwork that were used to create them. A few of the pictures are miniature representations of various gods and goddesses, such as Mukhalinga Avalokitesvara, Vishnu, and Tara, among others.

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