Top 10 Beaches Kochi Fort Koch Puthenthode Kuzhupilly Info

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One of the most well-known tourist destinations in all of Kerala is Kochi. There is a wide variety of activities available in Kochi; however, the beaches are the most popular tourist destinations. You can engage in activities such as snorkeling, observing dolphins, fishing, or simply taking a leisurely stroll along the beach, among many other enjoyable pursuits.

The best times of day to view the scenery at the beach are right before sunset and right after sunrise. Visit Kochi to experience the breathtaking natural beauty of its beaches.

  • Fort Kochi Beach in Kochi: Fort Kochi Beach Timings: 24*7
  • Fort Kochi Beach Location: kochi Beach, Kochi, Kerala
  • Tours on Bicycles are Something Fun to Do at Fort Kochi Beach
  • Carnival Tours & Travel The Church of Saint Francis
  • Vasco da Gama Square
  • Stanley Wilson Day Tours
  • Photography Picnic Beach Walk
  • Swimming Puthenthode Beach in Kochi: Puthenthode Beach Timings: \s24*7
  • Puthenthode Beach Location: Puthenthode Government School Rd,
  • Kannamaly, Kochi, Kerala 682008
  • Activities At Puthenthode Beach Include Taking Pictures, Having a Picnic, and Going for Walks Along the Beach.
  • Relax and unwind at the beach while swimming.
  • Kuzhupilly Beach in Kochi: Kuzhupilly Beach Timings: 24*7
  • Beach Road, Cherai, Vypin, Kerala 682501 is the address for Kuzhupilly Beach.
  • At Kuzhu, things to do include going to the Beach House, walking along the Beach, and taking in the View.
  • Swim Photography Picnic Collect Shells Picnic Swim Photography Picnic Picnic
  • Cherai Beach in Kochi: Cherai Beach Timings: 24*4
  • Location of the Cherai Beach: the Cherai Beach, Kochi, Kerala, India
  • India
  • Vypin Island is one of the activities available at Cherai Beach.
  • The Temple of Cherai Gowreeshwara
  • Azheekkal Sree Varaha Temple \sPhotography \sStroll \sPicnic
  • Enjoy the local Sea Foods
    Pallipuram fort
    Andhakaranazhi Beach in Kochi: \sAndhakaranazhi Beach Timings: \s24*7
  • Andhakaranazhi Beach Location: \sAndhakaranazhi Beach,
  • Kerala – India
  • Andhakaranazhi Beach Offers Many Activities, Including Photography, Picnics, Strolls, and Beach Walks.
  • VolleyBall
  • Experience the Authentic Flavors of Kerala’s Regional Cuisines Tourism Information Centre
  • Contact Number:
  • Contact us at 91-9393939150 or 9393939510 for additional information and updates regarding tourism.

How to Get There:

  • When traveling by plane, the closest airport is Calicut International Airport, which is located 120 kilometers away.
  • The Calicut Railway Station is the closest station accessible by train and is located 112 kilometers away.
  • 15 kilometers can be traveled by road to reach the Sulthan Batheri Bus Stand, which is the closest stop.

Top 10 Beaches Kochi Fort Koch Puthenthode Kuzhupilly Info

During the medieval period, Kochi was an important port town on the Indian subcontinent. It was also known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea.” After being conquered by the Portuguese, the territory eventually became the country’s first colony.

Even in modern times, it is considered to be one of the most important cities in India. In addition, it serves as the state’s financial, commercial, and industrial capital. Today, Kochi’s beaches are a significant part of the city’s tourism industry and bring in visitors from all corners of the world. The historic settlement of Fort Kochi, which dates back to the middle ages and is comprised of numerous stalls and bungalows designed in an older style, is another one of the town’s attractions.

In a way that no other beaches on the planet can match, the beaches in Kochi, India provide an escape from the stressful and hectic life of today. Because the beaches induce such a state of relaxation in visitors, we are able to spend hours just sitting on the sand and watching the waves as they lap at our feet while taking in the fresh air. Kochi’s beaches and its people, who extend a friendly welcome to visitors from all over the world, combine to create an atmosphere that is both relaxing and upbeat. Check out this list of the top 11 beaches in Kochi that you simply cannot miss on your next trip there!

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  • Munambam Beach In Kochi
  • Mahatma Gandhi Beach In Kochi
  • Puthenthode Beach In Kochi
  • Veeranpuzha Beach In Kochi
  • Andhakaranazhi Beach In Kochi

One of the most beautiful beaches in Kochi, India; if you go to Kochi but don’t spend any time at this beach, your vacation would not have been worthwhile. This beach is well-known because to the high frequency of sightings of dolphins, and it is located in close proximity to the main town of Kochi.

Swimming and lounging on the beach is made much simpler by the fact that the tides in this area are gentle and not too high. Sunsets are stunning and may be seen from the Cherai beach, just as they are from any other beach. In addition to this, it makes for an excellent setting in which to spend time with the people you care about the most. Moreover, some of the most beautiful hill stations in all of Kochi may be found in the vicinity of this location.

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