Tirumala Tirupati Sightseeing Places Tour Package Online Book

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Tourist Attractions in Tirupati and the Surrounding Area Popular belief attributes miraculous powers to the Lord Venkateswara Swamy of Tirumala. This is only one of the many names He goes by.  Further, His right hand seems to be pointing to His feet, indicating His willingness to bestow them a plethora of boons with His ever-graceful visage, as if to call His eager devotees to come to Him quickly.

Advertisements As the embodiment of the term “Kalou Venkata Nayakah,” Lord Venkateswara proves that He is the only God in the Kaliyug who can save everyone and grant them every wish. Swami Pushkarini, as one can expect, this tank is considered sacred due to its proximity to the Temple. Devotees often utilize this space to clean up before entering the temple. 

Tirumala Tirupati Sightseeing Places Tour Package Online Book

  • Three kilometers to the north of the temple lies a waterfall known as Akasa Ganga.
  • The Papavinasanam is located around 5 kilometers north of the temple.
  • It is located three kilometers to northeast of the temple and is known as Vaikunta Tirtham.
  • North of the temple, around 16 kilometers, is where you’ll find Tambura Tirtham.
  • This unique geological feature is located about one kilometer north of the temple and is known as the Geological Arch (Silathoranam).
  • The TTD Gardens: The Devasthanam takes pride in its stunning ornamental gardens, which are home to several endangered plant and tree species.
  • Astana Mandapam (Sadas Hall) is where Dharma Prachara Parishad hosts its religious events like talks, music performances, Hari Kathas, and Bhajans.

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Tirumala Tirupati Sightseeing Places Tour Package History

The Sri Venkateswara Dhyana Jnana Mandiram (SV Museum) is a stunning structure that is home to a museum, a meditation center, and a gallery of photographs. It took 4 crores (about $600,000) to construct this structure. Tourist attractions in and around Tirupati.

The Shri Venkateswara Temple
Among the most captivating sights in Tirupati is the Sri Venkateswara Temple, the temple that first brought attention to the city as a tourist attraction. Lord Sri Venkateswara, who is worshipped in the temple, is an alleged reincarnation of Vishnu. It is also known as the Tirumala Temple, the Tirupati Balaji Temple, and the Tirupati Temple. Elevated some 2,799 feet above sea level, it sits atop the seventh peak of the Seshachalam Hills.

Tirumala (Tirupati) Devasthanam Garden
Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam is the name of the group in charge of running the Sri Venkateswara Temple. And just next to the temple’s main structure is a garden that’s 460 acres in size and is very breathtaking. There are more than two hundred different flower kinds in bloom all across the garden, and it is a sight to see and appreciated.

The Talakona Waterfall
The Talakona Waterfall, at an impressive 270 feet in height, is not only one of India’s most beautiful but also the highest waterfall in the state of Andhra Pradesh. About a two-kilometer hike is required to reach the waterfall’s viewing area, which is located 30 kilometers into the forest.

Seeing this magnificent waterfall in its natural setting, however, will make you forget all about the fatigue you experienced on your hike. When it’s raining, it takes on a magical quality. During the wetter months, the enticing beauty cascades over the majority of its stony foundation, crashing noisily to the ground below.

The Museum of Sri Vari
Located opposite one of Tirupati Balaji Temple’s queue complexes, the expansive Sri Vari Museum covers a total area of 1.25 million square feet. The variety of attractions it offers makes it a prime destination for tourists in Tirupati. Actually, it is placed so as to enhance the TTD garden and the area around the magnificent temple.

Sri Govindarajaswami Temple.
The Sri Govindarajaswami Temple was established by none other than the great Vaishnava saint Ramanujacharya, who is also revered as an elder brother of Sri Venkateswara. For these and other reasons, visitors to Tirupati should make the temple a top priority. Undoubtedly, this is one of Tirupati’s most revered temples. The gopuram, or temple tower, stands out among the other architectural elements.

There are few locations in all of Tirupati with as much religious and historical weight as this one. Srikalahasti is a town filled with temples, and those temples are all devoted to Shiva. Located about 38 kilometers from Tirupati, this ancient temple town is well worth the trip. The temple was built centuries ago as a shrine to the Hindu god Shiva.

There is also lore that the two most malevolent planets in Indian astrology, Rahu and Ketu, are connected to the temple. This location is also known as Dakshina Kailasam, which translates to “Kailash of the South,” a reference to its religious significance.
Kapila Teertham
Located about 25 kilometers from the Tirupati Balaji Temple, Kapila Theertham is a well-known waterfall and a popular tourist destination in the city. At the base of the Sheshadri Hills, you’ll find this one-of-a-kind waterfall. Water is cascading into a large pond on the Kapileswara Swamy Temple grounds from a height of more than a hundred feet.

One of the most alluring sights in the vicinity of Tirupati is the gorgeous natural water body that flows into the pond inside the temple. There is a large stone bull statue outside the temple’s entrance and a brass Shiva Linga inside. The temple also features individual shrines dedicated to various deities.

Srinivasa Mangapuram.
Srinivasa Mangapuram, also called Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swami Temple, is a major pilgrimage site and one of the top Tirupati attractions. It is located about 12 kilometers from the city center. The temple is managed by TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams), which is under the jurisdiction of the Archaeological Survey of India.

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