Thrissur State Museum History Timings Entry Fee Location

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Enjoyment and laughter are essential to a fulfilling life. The Keralan city of Thrissur provides a gateway to a wealth of cultural experiences. Thrissur is home to a world-class zoo and state museum. Thrissur’s relaxed vibe and the zoo’s adorable, fascinating animals. causes you to feel at peace with yourself and the world, and also refreshed.

The zoo is now available to the public so that Thrissur residents can experience zoo life. The children can run around and play, while the old can relax for a bit. The pleasant weather and the captivating sounds of the zoo animals greatly enhance the overall appeal of this location.

Thrissur State Museum History Timings Entry Fee Location

The Thrissur Zoo and State Museum was thoughtfully designed to highlight the region’s extraordinary flora, fauna, and history. The State Museum of Thrissur was established in 1885, and it is now home to a vast variety of vintage Indian artefacts, from swords to rocks to jewellery. These two attractions, the museum and the zoo provide for a fantastic day out in Thrissur that is both instructive and entertaining. The zoo and museum are popular destinations for families, classes, and anybody looking to spend a day surrounded by the natural beauty and cultural significance of Kerala.

The zoo exhibits the state’s endearing fauna and flora, with everything from lions to a wide variety of reptiles; visitors can marvel at the park’s snakes and explore the zoo’s extensive collection of flora and fauna. Although the museum and the zoo are in close proximity to one another, a road runs between them, giving you the option of learning about the rich wildlife of Kerala or the rich history of the region.

Thrissur State Museum History Timings Entry Fee Location

The art museum can be found in the zoo, and it displays a fantastic assortment of antiques made of wood and metal, as well as Kathakali idols, vintage jewellery, and a number of stunning lamps created in Kerala. Moreover, a verdant botanical garden can be found nearby, which is a welcome addition to the area.

The museum, botanical garden, and zoological park of this zoo are spread out over 13.5 acres, and the park itself is home to a wide variety of colourful animals.

Relevant Time To Visit

The zoo and the museum are both open throughout the year, but if you want to get the most out of your trip to Thrissur, the best time to go is in the winter, between the months of October and March. The months of April, May, August, and September are the most joyous times of the year in Kerala; hence, if you are interested in the culture of Kerala and want to visit during those months, you should schedule your trip accordingly.

Timing And Entry Fee

Timings of the State Museum are from 10 am to 4:30 pm

State Museum Thrissur Adults pay a fee to enter (above 12 yrs) Twenty Rupees Child (above 5 yrs & below 12 yrs) Family tickets cost Rs 5 and include admission for a father, a mother, and two children. Group ticket, forty rupees each (35 students & Two Teachers) Rs 150 /- Still Camera The handy cam costs Rs. 25/-. Camera Professional, One Hundred Rupees.

How to Get There

The zoo is located in Chembukavu and has excellent connections to all forms of public transit because of its convenient location. In addition, the Thrissur Train Station is the station that is located the nearest to you.

Local Points of Interest

  • TheVadakkunnathan Temple
  • Refuge for Chimmony’s Wild Animals
  • The Thiruvanchikulam Mahadeva Temple
  • waterfalls at Charpa
  • The Kurumbakavu Temple
  • Vazhachal Waterfall
  • The Arattupuzha Temple

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