Sri Agatheeswarar Temple Pozhichalur History Location Timing

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Pozhichalur may be reached by travelling about 3.2 kilometres in the direction of the Pallavaram Railway Station, which can be reached by travelling approximately 2.3 kilometres in the direction of the Chennai Air Port. It is the sole temple of its sort in all of North Tamil Nadu, and it serves as the Thondai Mandala Navgraha remedial site for the Saturn Deity.

The Sri Aananda valli Sametha Agatheeswarar Temple can be found in the village of Aananda valli Sametha. This magnificent temple can be found in Thondai Mandalam, a neighbourhood of Chennai that has only recently emerged as a popular destination for vacationers.

Sri Agatheeswarar Temple Pozhichalur History Location Timing

  • There are several names for God’s many states of mind, such as Saturn Kanda Sani, Janma Sani, and Ezharai Sani. At other times, he does not have any effect on the worshippers, but at other times, he does have an influence on them and causes them misery.
  • Sri Sani Bhagavan prayed to Lord Shiva to save him from the Dhosam, or the wrongdoings, that he had accumulated over the course of his life. Lord Shiva personally requested that Sri Sani Bhagavan come to this location to worship him, thus he did. Just as described.
  • Sri Sani Bhagavan travelled to this area, constructed the holy pond today known as “Nallar Sani Theertham,” and prayed to Lord Shiva for his blessings in order to find some relief from the difficulties he was experiencing.
  • At this place, Sani Bhagavan worships Shiva in order to make up for his own sins as well as the sins of others. Jesus is held in the greatest regard as a god in this place because of his work of salvation.
  • It is the only Sani temple in all of northern Tamil Nadu, and as such, devotees come from all over the place to visit it in the hopes of finding a cure for Naadi Jothidam and respite from the effects that Sani has on them.
  • Crows, which are said to be vehicles used by God Sani, are said to congregate in large numbers at this temple whenever food is presented to him as an offering.
  • In order to please the gods and get forgiveness for their transgressions, those who want to avoid the wrath of God Sani at this time assemble in large numbers to provide food to the famished birds, domesticated animals, and stray dogs. This is done in an effort to pacify the gods.

Sri Agatheeswarar Temple Pozhichalur History Location Timing

  • An old temple that was home to a Lingam that materialised out of thin air (swayambu). During the reign of the Chozha rulers in the 12th century, our ancestors built this temple on private property that belonged to them. The land on which the temple is located was privately owned.
  • The holy man Agathiya eventually found his way back to the prodigal mountain, the location where he had previously worshipped God, after spending some time in the Himalayas. As a consequence of this, the goddess Aananthavalli of the area is sometimes referred to as Agatheeswarar.
  • The Moorthi, the Sthalam, and the Theertham are three individual aspects of this temple that come together to form a single entity that has well-established importance.
  • The statue of the temple’s God faces east, while the statue of the temple’s Lady faces south. Both are located within the temple. During the month of Chitirai, some events took place.
  • This phenomenon may only be seen on certain mornings, namely the 7, 8, and 9 when the sun rises in the east and immediately strikes the Sivalingam that is housed inside this temple (which has a door that faces north). The management of the temple is entrusted to a Vellalar, who is a descendant of the hereditary trustee family.

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