Shenduruny Wildlife sanctuary Timings History Entry Fee

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The magnificent tuskers, the roaring tigers, jumping deer, and singing birds of Shenduruny Wildlife sanctuary will greet you as you enter the home of nature’s house. Apart from this, the vegetation of the sanctuary is really attractive to look at. A sanctuary, as opposed to a zoo, provides the animals with the opportunity to live out their lives in the same manner as they would in their natural environment.

During your safari, you may be able to see wild animals drinking from the sanctuary’s man-made lake, which was built specifically for the purpose of providing a water source for the local wildlife. The Agasthyamalai biosphere reserve includes the wildlife sanctuary as one of its protected areas.

Shenduruny Wildlife sanctuary Timings History Entry Fee

  • Every day of the week, round-the-clock, 24 x 7
  • Shenduruny is a protected area for wildlife. Cost of admission: There is no cost of entrance
  • A good portion of both the day and the night Attractions:
  • Availability of Guides for the Following Attractions: Rainforest Safari Hiking Camping Thangassery Lighthouse Kollam Beach Sri Mahaganapathi Temple
  • Available

Shenduruny Wildlife sanctuary Timings History Entry Fee

A protected area in the Western Ghats of India, the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary may be found in the Kollam district of Kerala and is managed by the Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve. It was founded on the 25th of August in 1984 and spans a total area of 172.403 square kilometers.

Shenduruny Wildlife History

  • The name comes from a mispronunciation of Chengurinji, which is the name of a tree that is native to the area (Gluta travancorica). In addition to being encircled by the reservoir that is created by Thenmala Dam, the sanctuary has an artificial lake that is about 18.69 square kilometers in size. The Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary preserves a wide variety of plant life on its expansive grounds.
  • This sanctuary is home to around 1257 different kinds of flowering plants that belong to more than 150 different families. Among these, 309 different species can only be found in the Western Ghats. There have been sightings of birds representing 267 species, including migratory species, endemic species, and endangered species.

Shenduruny Wildlife sanctuary Timings History Entry Fee

A significant portion of the sanctuary is comprised of both tropical evergreen and semi-evergreen vegetation. Lion-tailed macaques, a species that is in grave risk of extinction, have been seen there. In the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary in Kollam, Kerala, a brood of the notoriously hard-to-find nocturnal forest bird known as the Great Eared Nightjar was discovered for the very first time. Previously on, in the month of May in 1995, it was documented from the Siruvani foothills in Tamil Nadu. The Big Eared Nightjar, scientifically known as Eurostopodus macrotis bourdilloni, is a member of the family nightjar. It derives its name from the two upright feather tufts that resemble ears that are located behind the bird’s eyes on its head.

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