Peechi Dam Kerala History Visiting Hours Entry Fee Timings

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Located only 23 kilometers from Thrissur, the Peechi Dam is a must-see for every visitor to Kerala. It’s the prettiest place to have a picnic and take photographs. The dam is beautiful to look at, and it even has a park nearby where kids may run around and play safely.

In 1958, this stunning dam was built over the Manali River. One of Kerala’s earliest dams is the Peechi. The Thrissur community relies heavily on this dam. The dam has a cafeteria where visitors may purchase meals, as well as restrooms where they can relax after their picnic. A family may make full use of their day thanks to the presence of a playground, giving everyone a break from their hectic schedules.

Peechi Dam Kerala History Visiting Hours Entry Fee Timings

The Peechi Dam may be reached by travelling a distance of 23 kilometres from Thrissur. This town in Kerala relies heavily on the irrigation project that involves the dam. It is a very well-known destination, and people come here on occasion to take advantage of the wonderful picnic area that it provides as well as the boating amenities that are available at this reservoir.

This attraction is located near a reservoir. Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary is another attraction that can be found in this area, and it is highly recommended for everyone who enjoys being outside. The Manali River will be diverted around the dam when it is built.

E Ikkanda Warrier, who was serving as the first Prime Minister of the sovereign state of Kochi at the time, was the architect behind the Peechi Dam. Before construction on this dam ever got underway, there was a lot of criticism coming from both sides of the river.

Nevertheless, given that the engineers in Kerala were opposed to the construction of the dam, Warrier recruited a chief engineer from Andhra Pradesh who was already retired in order to oversee the project. 1957 was the year that saw the completion of the dam. The undertaking was a tremendous success and was of use to the general people in a variety of different ways.

Peechi Dam Kerala History Visiting Hours Entry Fee Timings

The dam covers an area that is comprised of 3200 acres in total. It was fully constructed in 1957, and at that time it had the capacity to irrigate up to 17555 acres of land located in the Mukundapuram, Thrissur, Thalappally, and Chavakkad Taluk areas. The town of Thrissur receives its supply of potable water from the Peechi Dam as well.

It is highly recommended that you go check out the Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located next to the dam. It was constructed in 1958, and its total size is 125 square kilometres. The highest mountain in the sanctuary is Ponmudi, which stands at around 923 metres in height and receives an average rainfall of approximately 3,000 millimetres.

Advice For Your Trip To The Peechi Dam

1. The months of October through March are when visitors will get the most out of their time spent at the Peechi Dam.

2. It should also be brought to your attention that taking photographs or videos inside is not permitted. In addition to it, a bag full of food and a few water bottles are required to be carried.

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Attractions Situated In The Neighborhood:

  1. Malambuzha Garden 75 kilometres
  2. Neelliyambathy 75 kilometres
  3. Parambikulam 130 kilometres
  4. Kappad beach 167 kilometres
  5. Sabarimala 237 kilometres
  6. Sulthanbathery is located 245 kilometres away.
  7. Bekal Fort 318 kilometres
  8. Ponmudi Hill Resort 362 kilometres

Modes Of Transport

  • Kochi International Airport is the closest airport, and it is 68 kilometres away from Peechi Dam in Kerala.
  • 22 kilometres may be covered by a train from Thrissur Railway Station.
  • While travelling by road, regular buses, taxis, and private automobiles are all available for hire.

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