Parvathamalai Temple Timings History Online Booking Location

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One of the most popular tourist destinations, Parvathamalai is a Shiva temple devoted to the god himself. In order to further their spiritual development and reach enlightenment, Siddhas and other spiritual seekers go here.

Hill is situated between Kadaladi and Thenmadimangalam in Eastern Ghats, Tamil Nadu. Parvathamalai, also known as Thenkailayam, Kanthamalai, Mallikarjunamalai, and a number of other names, is a popular tourist destination.

Parvathamalai Temple Timings History Online Booking Location

The mythology of Parvathamalai Temple

Siddhars, seeking Lord Shiva’s blessings and a way to achieve ultimate enlightenment and redemption, constructed the Parvathamalai Temple around two thousand years ago. Legend has it that during Ramayana’s fight with Ravana, a chunk of the mountain collapsed when Lord Hanuman brought Sanjeevani Paravat to restore Lakshmana.

They say that on the mountain that Hanuman carried, there were plants that could heal even the worst of ailments. Similar plants may be found in the Himalayas. Since it comes into contact with the plants grown here, the locals claim that the air here is therapeutic for the mind and body.

In addition to the myth of the Annamalaiyar Padam, the Paravathamalai is the subject of another mythology. The name “Annamalaiyar Padam” refers to the scuffs left by Lord Shiva’s foot. As the markings were thought to have been made by God, they carry a lot of weight.

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Parvathamalai Temple, Its Structure and Design

As legend has it, the Temple was erected by Thondai Nadu’s ruling dynasty. The Temple is at the peak of a hill, and getting there requires a bit of a hike. Mallikarjuna, a manifestation of Shiva, and Parvatha Rani Parvathammal, an incarnation of Shakti, are the intended occupants of this structure.

While making your way up the hill, you’ll find a number of more temples. Vinayagar, Hanuman, Durga, and Pachai Amman are the local gods. The Jeeva Samadhi of a Siddhar may be found here, in addition to the Valli Deivanai and Subramaniyar Temple.

The pooja is not conducted by a priest, and the worshippers are on their own in this respect. Moreover, they have the option of presenting sacrifices to God. There are no stores up on the hill, so be sure you have everything you need with you before you go.

Worshiping at the Parvathamalai Temple and Its Benefits

This mysterious and wondrous location is said to be home to a plethora of latent talents. Those fortunate enough to practice meditation here are considered among the luckiest people in the universe. Worshipers come here in the hope that the Lord would take away their pain.

Offering pooja at the Paravthamalai Temple after a long hike is considered to bring many blessings. As an added bonus, it is stated that visiting this Temple is the same as visiting every Shiva temple in the globe. The therapeutic characteristics of the plants on this hill may help with anything from stress and anxiety to insomnia and a host of physical ailments.

Parvathamalai Temple Timings History Online Booking Location

Flight Instructions to the Parvathamalai Temple: Chennai and Bangalore are the closest airports if you’re coming from outside the nation or a remote city. Next, take a taxi or bus to Parvathamalai.

In a Railcar: The closest cities are Thiruvannamalai, Polur, and Aarni, and buses run often from other places like Bangalore, Chennai, Madurai, etc. It is easy to get to the trailhead from these cities through local transportation.

With a Car: Thruvanamalai and Polur are served by select trains on certain days of the week. It is possible to take a train from your city to one of these stations and then transfer to a local bus to go to the foot of the hill.

Worship Hours at Parvathamalai Temple: Are from 06:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM daily.

Attractions in the Area:

  • The Temple of Arunachala or Arunagirinathar.
  • The Arunachala Temple.
  • Location of the Sri Mallikarjunaswami Temple, Virupaksha Cave, Sathanur Dam, Parvathamalai.
  • Parvathamalai, Thiruvannamalai (district) (district) Tamil Nadu, India.

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