Palakkad Fort Timings History Entry Fees Places Information

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The Palakkad Fort is a stunning historical structure that can be seen in Kerala. The fort’s towering walls have been artfully blended with the lush vegetation that surrounds them. The Palakkad fort was constructed in the year 1766 AD by Hyder Ali. It is currently a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India and is considered to be one of the forts in the state of Kerala that has been kept in the best condition.

This picture-perfect fort may be found in the middle of Palakkad town, in the foothills of the Sahyadris range, in the middle of a maze of lush woods and cascading rivers that crisscross each other. The formidable fort has a total area of 60,702 square metres and is renowned the world over for its architecture due to the fact that it exemplifies the skill of French craftsmen. The great stronghold of Pallakad is an important part of history, and the architecture of the castle itself is majestic as well.

Palakkad Fort Timings History Entry Fees Places Information

History of the Palakkad Fort The Palakkad fort, which is located in Palakkad in the state of Kerala, was constructed by Hyder Ali in the year 1766. Tipu Sultan, son of Hyder Ali, is honoured with the naming of the fort at Palakkad; hence, the fort in Palakkad is also referred to as Tipu’s Fort. This enormous fort has a vast pitch area known as Kota Maidanam, which is now used for the hosting of cricket matches.

In addition to this, the preservation efforts of the Archaeological Survey of India have made use of an open-air amphitheatre known as Rappadi. In addition to that, there is a sub-jail, a little temple that is devoted to Anjaneya Swamy, and a lovely garden that is called Vatika- Shilavatika. The view from this garden is amazing and more intriguing than any other.

  • Palakkad Fort Entrance is permitted between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, seven days a week.
  • The entrance Charge for the Palakkad Fort is:
  • No Cost to Enter There are no costs to enter.
  • Still Camera Rs 20 /- Video Camera Rs 50 /-

Locations Inside Fort:

  • Anjaneya Temple
  • Malampuzha Dam
  • National park in the Silent Valley
  • There are waterfalls near Nelliyam Patky Hills and Dhoni.

Palakkad Fort Timings History Entry Fees Places Information

The fort is laid out in the form of a square, and its walls and bastions also take on a square configuration for support. The drawbridge that formerly served as the entryway to the fort has since given way to a more permanent structure in its place. Before, visitors would cross the drawbridge in order to enter the fort. A huge ground is also present inside the confines of the fort, and back in the day, it was used as a stable for the horses and elephants that were part of the army led by Tipu Sultan.

Kota Maidanam is the name given to the area that can be found in the middle of the fort and the Palakkad Town Hall. At the moment, it serves as the location for exhibits as well as public meetings and cricket matches. In addition to that, this location is home to an open-air amphitheatre that goes by the name of Rappadi.

In addition, the Palakkad fort is home to a number of lesser-known tourist destinations, including the Hanuman temple, the Martyr’s column, the Anjaneya Swami Temple (which is more of a modest shrine), the Vatika Shilavatika (which is more of a park), and a sub-jail. This fort is an experience that will teach you humility since it combines the beauty of luxuriant green gardens with stunning old architecture. Another name for the fort is Tipu’s Fort, which comes from the name of the ruler Tipu Sultan (son of Hyder Ali). The heroic deeds and stories of the past are portrayed by the magnificent fort.

How To Go To Palakkad Fort:

  • If you’re travelling by plane, the closest airport is in Coimbatore, which is 55 kilometres away.
  • Via Train: The Palakkad Railway Station is the closest and is about 5 kilometres away.
  • Via Road: The Palakkad Bus Stop is the closest, and it is 2 kilometres away.

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