Navapashanam Temple Timings History Location Devipattinam

Know the details about Navapashanam Temple Timings History Location Devipattinam, Navapashanam Temple Time History Location Details

Pooja, as well as other things It is advised that you go there very early in the morning, between the hours of 5 and 6. Since they have constructed a bridge to approach the Navagraha and a route to travel around rounds of the Navagraha, it is now acceptable to go there at any time throughout the day for a regular visit. In addition, the Navagraha may be circumnavigated on foot.

Navashabashanam is a name that may also be given to a hamlet located on the seaside. It is said that Lord Rama performed devotion here at this location, focusing on the Navagraha. It is stated that Devi vanquished the monster Mahishasura just here at this location, hence the temple that can be seen nearby is dedicated to her.

Navapashanam Temple Timings History Location Devipattinam

Located in Devipattinam, which is in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India, the Navapashanam temple is a Hindu temple that is devoted to the Navagrahas, who are the nine planetary deities. It is a place of religious significance for Hindus and is situated in the Gulf of Bengal. According to Hindu mythology, Rama, an incarnation of the god Vishnu, is credited with creating the nine mud figures that represent the gods of the planets.

The temple is well-known across the area as a place of pilgrimage, and it is there that visitors pay their respects to their ancestors. Together with the Ramanathaswamy Temple in Rameswaram and the Adi Jagannatha Perumal Temple in Thiruppullani, it is an important step in a well-known tourist circuit in the area. The temple was initially maintained and operated by the Ramanathapuram Samasthanam Devasthanam under the Hereditary Trustee of the Queen of Ramanathapuram till today, when it has been taken under the jurisdiction of the Department of HR & CE, Government of Tamil Nadu.

History Of The Temple

One of the most well-known of the Navagraha temples is the Navabashanam Temple (9 Planetary Deities). In Hinduism, these planetary deities are referred to as Surya, the god of the Sun; Chandra, the goddess of the moon; Mangala, the goddess of mars; Budha, the god of mercury; Guru, the god of Jupiter; Shukra, the goddess of Venus; Shani, the god of Saturn; and Rahu and Ketu (the Imaginary Deities).

This temple of the nine planets is said to have been built by Lord Rama, at least according to the tales. King Rama built this temple to house the nine planetary deities during the time when the goddess Sita was held captive by the demon Ravan. Ravana has a boon that guarantees he will be slain by any of the gods in the celestial realm.

It is claimed that these idols have certain medical powers that have the capacity to heal ailments since Lord Rama sanctified them with a particular unique concoction that is known as “Nava Paasaanam.”

This location became famous once it was revealed that Lord Rama had personally dedicated this temple. This location is also referred to as the Sankalpa Mantapam and the Parihara Sthalam by the locals.

The entrance to the temple is a tower that is adorned with sculptures of Lord Rama, Lady Sita, Lord Lakshman, and Lord Hanuman. The sculptures of the nine planetary deities are placed in the ocean with seawater covering them. After performing rituals for the deities, devotees purify themselves by immersing themselves in this water.

Navapashanam Temple Time History Location Devipattinam And Details

According to Hindu mythology, Ravana was a monarch who sought and received boons from Brahma, one of which said that he should die at the hands of any god or celestial deity. Vishnu manifested himself in the form of Rama, a human so that he might kill the demon. Sita was kidnapped by Ravana when he arrived in the jungle where Rama and Sita were hiding out in order to avoid detection. Rama was working on constructing a bridge to Lanka so that he could rescue Sita from Ravana’s captivity in Ashokavana.

Ravana was holding Sita captive there. It was planned that the bridge is constructed beginning at Dhanushkodi, which is the closest location to reach Lanka. It is customary to begin any act of devotion involving Hinduism, Rama began by performing a pooja in the hopes of gaining favor with the Hindu god Ganesha. It is said that the Vinayagar temple in Uppur was the location where he performed religious rituals.

Pooja Details

  • The nine planetary deities receive offerings of nine different grains from their devotees.
  • Please take note that each puja for each graha has its own individual price.

To Reach

  • When traveling by plane, the Madurai Airport is the closest option and is located 115 kilometers away.
  • If you are traveling by train, the Ramanathapuram Railway Station is the closest station and is located 14 kilometers away.
  • By way of the road, Devipattinam is very well linked to a number of other large cities.

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