Nameri Wildlife Trekking Timings Eco Camp Ways Reach Details

Know The Complete Details About Nameri Wildlife Trekking Timings Eco Camp Ways Reach Details, Trekking, Eco Camp, And Ways To Reach

Nameri National Park is the one that is most suited to match your expectations if you are interested in having the most in-depth experience possible with the local flora and fauna. It may be found in Assam’s Sonitpur district, which is part of the state of Assam. On its whole, the district may be found on the foothills of the eastern Himalayas.

The high level of biodiversity that may be found here cannot be found in every location. The Jia-Bhoroli river winds its way through the National Park as it travels north to south. It maintains its connection to Arunachal Pradesh’s renowned Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary throughout its existence. The combined land area of these two kinds of wood is around one thousand square kilometers.

Nameri Wildlife Trekking Timings Eco Camp Ways Reach Details

Around 200 square kilometers make up the landmass that is known as Nameri. It was formerly known as the Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary, but in 1998 it was officially designated as a national park by the government.

You should be astounded by the many species that may be found in this location because of what it has to offer. You name anything, and chances are good that it will be there for you to see, from mammals to reptiles to the best possible bird viewing experience. In addition to being a national park, in the year 1999, it was also designated as a tiger reserve by the government of India.

Trekking Details Of Nameri Wildlife

The Nameri National Park is an important contributor to the preservation of the surrounding forest reserves, which are made up of grassland, rivers, animal herds, bird species, and so on. The Nameri National Park has a river that runs through it as well as large rocky pathways that can be used for wonderful hiking, all of which contribute to the enjoyment that can be had while out on the trail. The tourists are able to appreciate the abundant fauna of the Nameri and also have a better view of the natural environments, both of which are made possible by the activity of trekking. The natural ecosystems of the Nameri Wildlife refuge may be reached through hiking paths, which will be led by guides from the Forest Department.

Trekking Timings Of Nameri Wildlife

  • 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

The Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the bio reserves that allows visitors to see the natural habitats of the animals that live there. This provides visitors with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a memorable experience filled with excitement and discovery. Every single route of the trekking offers a great deal of excitement to the general public, and this is because people can directly experience the pleasure of watching the natural habitats of the wildlife, which is made possible thanks to the efforts of the Forest Department of the Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary.

Eco Camp At Nameri Wildlife Trekking Timings Eco Camp Ways Reach Details

  • Eco Camp

The Nameri Eco Camp is the perfect spot to stay if you want to get a feel for the natural environment of the tiger reserve while also participating in a wide variety of other things to do simultaneously. This location, which is tucked away in the wilderness and is encircled on all sides by towns, exudes the ideal atmosphere of a rural and natural environment.

The accommodations consist of permanent tents, each of which is given the name of a different species of bird or animal that may be seen in the national park. We found that staying in the tents located in the middle of the camp was the most convenient option.

  • Ways To Reach
  1. If you are traveling by plane, the closest airports are in Tezpur (35 kilometers away) and Guwahati (200 Km). To get to the campsite, you may use a private taxi if you want.
  2. If you’re traveling by train, the closest stations are at Guwahati (about 200 kilometers away) and Dibrugarh (300 km).
  3. By Road – Nameri is very well linked to all of the main cities because of its extensive road network. This location is serviced by a large number of buses that are operated by the government. However, you will be dropped off two kilometers away from the eco camp if you take the bus. You have the option of requesting that the Eco Camp staff come and pick you up. You also have the option of taking a taxi or driving yourself to the campsite if you have your own vehicle.

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