Namdapha National Park Safari Timings Entry Fees Information

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The centre of this stunning paradise is occupied by the Namdapha National Park, which is a tropical rainforest that is shrouded in mystery and covers an area of around 2,000 square kilometres. The Namdapha region displays the banks of the Noa-Dihing river all the way to the woodland meadows and all the way to the permanent snow.

The elevation of the Namdapha national forest spans from 200 metres all the way up to 4571 metres, which contributes to the incredible variety of living things that can be found there. The park is home to a thousand unique species of plants, as well as 19 types of fascinating creatures, including four distinct kinds of large cats.

In addition, there are over four hundred different types of birds and over two hundred and fifty different kinds of butterfly species in the national parks. Adventure may be had at the MIAO, which also serves as the entrance to the park and leads to a muddy road that serves as the park’s primary beginning point.

Namdapha National Park Safari Timings Entry Fees Information

  • The MIAO is the gateway to the park. People are able to devote their whole attention to appreciating the splendour of nature since the forest lacks any kind of electricity or communications infrastructure.
  • The expansive view of the Noa-Dihing river brings with it a variety of flora and fauna, including birds, animals, and butterflies.
  • Hiking through the tropical rainforest is an unforgettable experience, and the varied topography of the Namdapha region is influenced by height.
  • This makes it possible to go for a stroll on the river bed.
  • The bamboo forest may either lead to a forest that is more typical of the subtropics or to an open grassland.
  • Every step you take through the forest brings a new and exciting experience.
  • The river may be traversed thanks to a bamboo bridge that stretches over it.
  • There are many different kinds of plants and animals in the Namdapha. 1947 was the year when it was officially designated as a national park.
Type Of Person Cost 
For Indians Per Head 50Rs.Per Head
For Foreigners Per Head 350Rs.Per Head
Two Wheeler/Fourwheeler/Vehicle 100Rs.Per Vehicle
Extra Cost For Camera 75Rs.

Namdapha National Park Safari Timings Entry Fees Information

During the Second World War, Namdapha National Park gained a reputation for having an exceptionally high level of biodiversity. This national park saw an upsurge in visitors when a number of aircraft were forced to make emergency landings there as a result of air turbulence during the latter part of the Second World War.

It was designated a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1972 due to the enormous size of its landmass as well as the abundance of both plant and animal life that could be found there. Because of the wide variety of animal life that can be found inside this national park, the government designated it as both a tiger reserve and a national park in the year 1983.

These refugee settlements were established in this national park when people fled their homes as a result of the Second World War.

Namdapha National Park Other Famous Attractions

The Miao Mini Zoo is situated directly across from the Miao museum and is home to a variety of animal species. This zoo is located next to the Field Director’s Office and is a part of the national park it is located. The Himalayan palm civet, hoolock gibbons, slow loris, macaque, pig-tailed macaque, porcupines, Assamese macaques, and Leopard cats are some of the wild animal species that you will have the opportunity to see while you are touring this zoo.

A little body of water known as Moti Jheel may be found tucked away in Namdapha National Park. You may go to Moti Jheel via hiking, and along the route, you will pass through some fascinating deciduous and semi-evergreen woods. Another location in which you may take in breathtaking panoramas and see a variety of wild animals and bird species is Raja Jheel.

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