Munnar Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary History Trekking Guideline

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Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary can be found 18 kilometers to the north of Marayoor along State Highway 17 in the Marayoor and Kanthalloor panchayats of Devikulam taluk in the Idukki district of Kerala state in the southern Indian region of South India. Within the state of Kerala’s protected regions, it is one of the 18 wildlife sanctuaries that can be found there.

The fact that it is the only rehabilitation center in India dedicated to caring for Indian star tortoises has helped it gain its well-deserved reputation. To the south, it is adjacent to and managed by Eravikulam National Park, which also serves as its administrative headquarters. The Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary may be found to the east, and the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary can be found to the north.

Munnar Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary History Trekking Guideline

 It is an essential component of the protected forest area that spans 1,187 square kilometers (458 square miles) in the Anaimalai Hills and straddles the state lines of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The Western Ghats Anamalai sub-cluster, which encompasses the entirety of the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, is now being considered for induction into the UNESCO World Heritage List as a potential candidate for a World Heritage Site.

Water is available year-round in the refuge thanks to the Chinnar and Pambar rivers. Throughout its 18-kilometer journey from its source in Kumarikal Malai to its final destination as the Amaravati River in Tamil Nadu, the Chinnar follows the interstate boundary along the northwest edge of the sanctuary. The upper portions of the Pambar River are fed by sholas, and the river receives seasonal rivulets and a few perennial streams from the Anaimudi Hills.

The Taliar Valley, which is located between the towns of Kanthalloor and Marayoor, and then eastward through the sanctuary, travels from Turner’s Valley in Eravikulam National Park. Near Koottar, it meets the Chinnar River. Hidden away in the Pambar River refuge are the Thoovanam waterfalls. This waterfall has become a popular destination for sightseers. Only four of Kerala’s rivers—the Chinnar, Pambar, Kabani, and Bhavani—flow to the east.

Munnar Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary History Trekking Guideline

  • Visitors can go on a three-hour journey and camp out in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • These hikes can be tailored to the preferences of the individual traveler.
  • Birding, wildlife watching, butterfly spotting, herb and plant foraging, and exploring ancient ruins are all possible on such excursions.
  • In addition to the visitors’ level of fitness and interest, other factors that influence which hiking routes they choose to include the visitors’ preferred diet and beverages.
  • These hikes are expertly led by English-speaking guides and may be enjoyed by anybody. The tribal communities’ Eco-development committees work with the Department of Forestry and Wildlife to organize these hikes.
  • Guests can choose from a number of different treks, each with its own duration and trail alternatives. The overnight stay in a thatched cabin in the stunning Vysiapara landscape is a major draw for tourists on this walk.
  • Visitors from India pay INR 10 (or INR 5 for those under 12 and students).
  • visitors from other countries pay INR 100, video cameras cost INR 150 (or INR 50).
  • cameras cost INR 50, heavy vehicles cost INR 150 (or INR 150), and light vehicles cost INR 50.
  • Summers are hot and dry, and the monsoon season brings heavy rain to the region. So, the best time to visit the refuge is during the winter. It’s not too cold or too warm during the winter.

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