Kerala Kottankulangara Chamayavilakku Temple History Timings

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The Kottankulangara Devi Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Durga Bhagavathy, also known as Aadi Shakthi, the supreme mother of power, and is located in Chavara, Kerala, India.

Every year, during the month of March, the Kottankulangara Devi Temple in Kollam’s Chavara village hosts the Chamayavilakku Festival, one of India’s most fascinating temple festivals. As a part of the tradition, men dress up as women and walk around the temple carrying the divine Chamayavilakku or traditional lamp to express their devotion to the presiding deity.

Seeing thousands of men dressed in silk sarees, jasmine garlands, and shimmering jewellery walk around elegantly carrying beautifully-lit lamps is a truly fascinating experience. The ritual begins in the evening and lasts until dawn on the last two days of the 19-day festival.

Long lines of devotees form from the temple gate to Kunjalummoodu, holding the lamp to welcome the deity at midnight. The temple is lavishly decorated with lights and lamps, and devotional music adds to the divine atmosphere. During the festivities, the temple complex is lined with small stalls where participants can rent wigs and other make-up accessories. The famous temple festival attracts devotees not only from Kerala but from all over the world.

According to legend, a group of boys once attempted to break a coconut by slamming it against a slab of stone, and to everyone’s surprise, the stone slab immediately began bleeding.Temple people believed that the unusual custom began when the boys dressed as women led the temple’s first prayer service.

Kerala Kottankulangara Chamayavilakku Temple History Timings

Kottankulangara Sree Devi Temple in Kollam is one of Kerala’s most popular temples. The goddess idol, which is said to be Swayambhu’s “self-origin,” is the centre of attraction at the temple. The temple has a special ritual in which the male worshippers dress as women and the women hold the traditional holy lamp. The temple architecture is distinctive in that it is the only temple without a roof.

The famous festivals are Chamayavilakku, Kuruthola Pandal, and Jeevatha Ezhunnallathu. The temple shines with daily rituals and becomes crowded with devotees, making the entire temple environment pleasant and serene. The temple’s goddess is thought to be the mother, known locally as Amma.

It is thought that the goddess responds to the calls of her followers. The intriguing aspect of the temple is how many devotees from various castes and creeds and from various religions come here without any form of prejudice in order to receive the blessings of mother goddess Kottangulagara Devi.

Kerala Kottankulangara Chamayavilakku Temple History Timings

  • Morning 5:00 Palliyunarthu (Goddess Awakening)
  • Morning 7:30 Usha Pooja (Morning Ritual)
  • Morning 10:30 Ucha Pooja (afternoon rite)
  • Morning 11:00 Nata adappu (Sreekovil Closure)
  • Evening 5:00 Nata Thurappu (Sreekovil Opening)
  • Evening 6:45 Deeparadhana
  • Evening 7:30 Athazha Pooja (Night Ritual)
  • Evening 8:30 Nata Atappu (temple Sreekovil closure)
  • Please keep in mind that pooja timings may change on special occasions.
  • Location: 17 kilometres from the heart of Kollam.
  • Offerings for the Kottankulangara Amma Temple
  • Chamayavilakku, Anpolippara, Nivedyam Kottan, Payasam, Madhuram Iratti, Aravana, Kumila akhandanaamom, silk, and panthrizhi ornaments
  • Festivals at the Kottankulangara Amma Temple-Pandal Chamayavilakku ,Kuruthola Ezhunnallathu ,Jeevatha
  • There is no entrance cost.
  • 5:00 early morning to 8:30 evening is the hours.

Best Time To Visit

The Chamayavilakku is hosted in the Kottankulangara Temple, which is close to NH-4. The journey there is not too difficult. Since practically every bus to Kollam and Trivandrum passes in front of the temple, taking a bus is the most convenient method to get here. Between the cities of Karunagappally and Kollam is Kottankulangara.

There are numerous buses that travel from Karunagappally to Kollam. Take a bus to Kollam and get off at “Kottankulangara” if you are staying in Karunagappally. It is recommended to take “Rapid Passenger” buses, which are regularly offered.

How To Reach

There are buses that run continuously from Kollam to Karunagappally, just like there are from Karunagappally.Take a bus to Karunagappally and get off at the stop marked “Kottankulangara” if you are staying in Kollam. Boarding “Fast Passenger” buses, which are usually available, will be your best bet for getting there from here as well.

Via train: Kaunagapally is the closest station. However, the majority of the trains do not stop here. Hence it is best to get to Kollam. the QLN station code.

Kollam, in Kerala, is 13 kilometres away and has the station code QLN.
District Headquarters’ closest bus station is 12 kilometres away in Kollam.
The airport in Trivandrum, close to – 80 Km

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