Kerala Kapil Beach Backwaters Location Timings Information

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Kappil Beach and the backwaters are about 7 kilometers from the popular beach location of Varkala. Backwaters and the sea make for a picture-perfect vacation spot. The beautiful backwaters and plenty of opportunities for water sports attract visitors to this area near Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital. In this tranquil setting, you can do nothing but unwind or enjoy a soothing boat trip.

Those who make the ascent to the top of the neighboring cliff will be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding Kodi Hills. In addition to walking or biking along the ocean, driving down this route is a wonderful way to take in the scenery. Both the ocean’s blue and its greenish hue are stunning in their own ways.

Kerala Kapil Beach Backwaters Location Timings Information

Kerala is been ranked among the world’s top travel hotspots. The natural splendour of God’s own nation never ceases to wow us. The state of Kerala is home to a wide variety of tourist destinations, from the serene backwaters of Ernakulam to the renowned hill resort of Munnar. Visit after visit, you’ll be awed by the region’s distinct character and the sheer breadth of its offerings.

The well-known Kappil beach is another wonderful site, and it’s just 7 kilometers from Varkala. I would make you go to Varkala if you were in Kerala only to view this amazing beach. With the stunning Edava Narayana lake on one side and the magnificent Arabian Sea on the other, this location is hard to beat.

  • October and March are ideal months to visit Kappil Beach in Trivandrum.
  • To enjoy water sports in Kappil Beach and the Backwaters, you may rent a boat for about Rs 200/- per person (approx) time: 09 am-05 pm 40 min (estimated) (approx)
  • Scuba diving costs Rs 400/head (approx) time: 09 am-05 pm 30-40 min(approx) (approx)
  • The cost to ride in a speedboat is Rs 250/person (approx) time: 09 am-05 pm 40 min (estimated) (approx)
  • Jet skis cost Rs 400/- per person (approx)
  • Monday through Friday, 09 am-05 pm 20-30 min (estimated)

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Kerala Kapil Beach Backwaters Location Timings Information

Seldom can you locate a place with both a lake and an ocean? The ocean’s lovely blue colour can be seen on one side, while the greenish tint can be seen on the other; the two colours complement each other well. Bike rides and lengthy hikes are ideal on the route between these water sources. Even in the dark, this picturesque scene is enchanting.

Fun and excitement abound on Kappil beach. It’s not the beach itself that makes Kappil so special, but the surrounding scenery. A beach is a major draw to these backwaters. In contrast, the beach’s primary selling point is the peace and quiet visitors may enjoy there. This beach is notable for its rock wall, which can be seen from quite a distance.

These coastal rocky towns are able to withstand the force of the crashing seas. That’s why they’re able to spare the coastal road and the communities there. When you go to the beach, you may take it easy and enjoy the view of the water.

Moreover, the area is home to a quaint fishing village. One of the most interesting and attractive features is the Coconut strip in the lagoon. As I’m sure you can imagine, pictures of them have been widely shared online, so I instantly recognised them. Considered among the most photogenic features in Kerala is this grove of coconut palms.

Boating at Kappil Beach

Kappil’s canals and rivers provide a chance to go boating in the countryside. Travelling by water is easy since there is an abundance of small and medium-sized boats available. The Boat club rents out rowboats and pedal boats. Riding in the backwaters of Kappil is one of the most appealing things you can do there.


The hike to the Kodi hills may not compare to the full-fledged journey we took in the Himalayas, but it is no less magnificent for being shorter. Anyone who wants to photograph the breathtaking vista should do the short but steep hike. The view of the Arabian Sea from the top of the cliff is worth the effort it takes to get there.

Walks in the Park

From Varkala, the state of Kerala has constructed a new side path. Long beach walks from Varkala to here are possible. Even though this hike may be lengthy, it is stunning still. But, the walkway is not well marked, so you’ll have to figure out how to go from one end to the other on your own.

Snacking all around

Several restaurants may be found scattered around the coastline. Acquire some nice snacks is not difficult. Although the choices aren’t great, it’s comforting to have something despite the location. Snacks and savoury dishes from India are available on the beach.

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