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One of India’s most well-known Shiva temples is this one. It is located on a hill close to the community of Mapgaon. The building is in the Hoysala style. The temple was constructed in 1764, a very long time ago. But because of how well it has been conserved, its magnificence is still present.

The surroundings are beautiful, and the climate atop the hill is cool. The hill is encircled by a thick jungle as well. Tourists can enjoy a nice view and peace here. According to legend, Lord Shiva personally entered the temple as it was being built.

Kankeshwar Temple Alibaug Entry Cost Timings Story Booking

  • Kankeshwar Temple Hours: Morning to Evening
  • Entrance Charge for Kankeshwar Temple Alibag: No entry ticket (Free)
  • Accommodations in Kankeshwar Temple are available.
  • Temple, Kanakeshwar, Maharastra, Alibag, India is the address for Kanakeshwar.
  • Kanakeshwar 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Visit Kanakeshwar between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm for the best weather.
  • 2hours are needed to visit Kanakeshwar.

About 12 and 15 kilometers from Alibag, respectively, the temple is located on a small hill close to the villages of Mapgaon and Zirad. It takes 650 steps to get to the temple from the top of about the 5000-foot-high hill.

It is a Hoysala-style building, and the temple of Kanakeshwar is particularly lovely. Sabhamandapa and Gabhara are the two sections (Sanctum sanctorum). “Pushkarnis,” or water tanks, are filled practically all year round. The Gurav family from Village Zirad participates in the daily worship of Lord Shiva. They first perform rituals in the main temple, then rites in the neighboring temples to Lord Shiva.

On hiking from Mapgoan, one can see “Nagobacha Tappa,” which translates to “a Place of Snakes,” as well as the well-known stairway known as “Devachi Payari.” This stairway was given this name because it is believed that God himself stepped here after the temple was completed. and steps were built. Gaymandi is another option (Sculpture of a Cow).

As one ascends the hill from Zirad Village, one may see the Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Thal Unit, Khanderi Fort settlements, and the Arabian Sea coastline. Also seen are Sant Manamata Samadhi and Temple Patrubai.

It’s a fantastic idea to visit the hill and the area. The steep area is visible, as well as the hilltop forest. Other attractions nearby Kanakeshwar include the Shriram Siddhivinayak Mandir, Shri Kalbhairav Temple, and Vishnu Mandir.

Kankeshwar Temple Alibaug Entry Fee Timings Story

The Lord Shiva-dedicated Kankeshwar Temple is located at the summit of Alibag hill. There are roughly 700–750 steps to ascend to see Lord Kankeshwar. One may have a breathtaking view of Mumbai City, the Arabian Sea, Under Fort, and Khanderi Fort from the peak of the mountain.

There is a unique step on the stairs called “Deva Chapa,” and it is thought that the Lord himself stepped here. Gaimundi is a location on the hill where one can find pure water. The temple includes a lovely step well called Brahma Kund that is frequently filled with water during the monsoon season.

This body of water is perfect for a refreshing soak. Red stone was used to create this step well. The fresh blue water in the red stone step well looks magnificent. The hill is surrounded by a plethora of little temples. The Hoysala style is evident in the temple architecture.

The year 1764 saw the construction of this temple. Pushkarni, also known as the water tank, is a freshwater body of water that is utilized by the temple. The Maha Shiv Ling, which is covered in silver and is located in the main temple, is thought to have existed since the time of the Pandavas.

Highlights Consist

  • NagobachaTappa (Snake Point) (Snake Point)
  • God’s Step, or DevachiPayari
  • Lord Shiva’s Pushkarni Tank Statue (54ft. high)
  • Arabian Sea in the distance
  • Khandvi Fort in the distance

Travel Advice For Kanakeshwar:

  • It is approximately 1200 feet high. There are 750 steps to climb for visitors.
  • Bring their water bottles, hats, and sunscreen.

How Can I Get To The Kankeshwar Temple?

By Air:

The closest airport, Mumbai Airport, is 140 kilometers from Alibag; from there, one can take private transport to get there.

By Rail:

The closest railway station, Panvel Railway Station, is 64.1 kilometers distant; from there, one can rent a private vehicle to get to Alibag.

By Road:

Numerous private vehicles travel to the temple, and Alibag is well-linked to many other cities.

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