Horsley Hills Top Visiting Places Madanapalle Andhra Pradesh

Know More Details About Horsley Hills Top Visiting Places Madanapalle Andhra Pradesh, Best Places To Visit In Horsley Hills Location And Details.

Horsley Hills, also known as Horsleykonda, is a range of hills located in Andhra Pradesh, namely in the Madanapalle taluk of the Chittoor district. It is around 14 kilometres from the Madanapalle town centre. The hill was known as Yenugu Mallama Konda by the locals; this name was derived from a mythology that spoke of a holy old lady called Mallamma who resided in the hills.

The hill station of Horsley Hills is located at an elevation of about 1265 metres above mean sea level. In Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor District, it may be found in the Nallamalai Range, which is close to the state’s southwestern boundary. This region is well-known for its mild year-round temperatures, picturesque valleys, towering mountains, and fertile farmland.

Horsley Hills Top Visiting Places Madanapalle Andhra Pradesh

The territory is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including leopards, bears, and wild boars, and it is thickly forested with eucalyptus, allamanda, jacaranda, and Gulmohar trees. Both the Kalyani Eucalyptus Tree, which is more than 150 years old, and the Horsley Bungalow, which is a structure designed in the colonial style, are major attractions in this location.

Around the year 1870, W.D. Horsley, a British collector, constructed his mansion, which now bears his name. The region is highly vegetated and has a milder temperature, making it desirable as a hill resort and tourist site, in contrast to the dry, scorching, and desolate land that surrounds it on all sides.

The temperature ranges from roughly 25 degrees Celsius in the morning to around 30 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. Because it is the sole hill station in the state of Andhra Pradesh, this location is sometimes referred to as “Andhra Ooty.”

The Perfect Time To Go To Horsley

Many people and they are correct in their reasoning, draw the conclusion that monsoons may be a nuisance unless there is a particular fondness for them. Regular vacationers tend to take their trips during the summer months. And winters don’t fall too far behind either; the only downside is the crowds that show up around Christmas and New Year’s.

Horsley Hills Top Visiting Places Madanapalle Andhra Pradesh

1. The Mallamma Temple

The Mallamma Temple is an old temple that may be found on the highest point of the Horsley Hills. The deity known as Mallamma receives worship in the temple. The local inhabitants of the tribe are said to have been healed in the past by a little girl called Mallamma who lived on the hill. On the other hand, she vanished without a trace one day, and ever since then, the locals in that area have been convinced that she was a goddess and have constructed a shrine in her honour.

2. Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary

Andhra Pradesh is home to the Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, which can be found near the town of Palamaner. Southern tropical thorn type woods dominate the whole of the region, which spans an area of around 358 square kilometres and is completely covered. There are several kinds of trees, including bamboo, Albizia amara, Ficus tomentose, Ficus religiosa, and Ficus bengalensis, among others.

The sanctuary is home to many different kinds of animals, including four-horned antelope, cheetal, sambar, hare, mouse deer, porcupine, jungle cat, and wild boar, among others. In addition, jackals, sloth bears, slender lorises, jungle birds, panthers, and starred tortoises may be found here. Both the Kaigal and the Kaundinya streams run directly through the sanctuary, which is encircled on all sides by steep hills and deep valleys.

3. The Talakona Waterfalls

The Talakona Waterfalls are located in Sri Venkateswara National Park, which is located in the Chittoor District of the state of Andhra Pradesh (AP). If you enjoy hiking. You shouldn’t miss out on going to this location since the waterfalls feature an exciting opportunity for hiking.

There is a strict limit on how long visitors are allowed to spend at the falls. The accommodations consist of bamboo huts and other amenities that bring you extremely near to nature and let you forget about the stresses of everyday life. The guesthouse is run by the government and is enough as a place to stay.

4. Galibanda

It is well known that the slope of a cliff may display the beautiful beauty of ravines. Feel free to explore the natural areas at your own pace and keep an eye out for the wind gusts that give this rock its other name, Wind Rock.

5. Environmental Park

An environmentalist by the name of Balijepalli Venkata Subba Rao from Hyderabad was responsible for the creation of an Environmental Park in Hyderabad. Spend some time appreciating being in trance and visit the museum to learn more about it in detail.

6. Lake Gangotri And Mansarovar

There are urban legends that claim certain lakes will never run dry.

How To Reach Horsley Hills Top Visiting Places Madanapalle Andhra Pradesh

  • BY AIR: Visitors who would rather go by plane have the option of landing at either the Tirupati or Bangalore airports, which are located around 160 and 165 kilometres apart from Horsey Hills and may be reached by hiring taxis to make the journey.
  • BY RAIL: A railway station at Madanapalle Road puts travellers closer to the Horsley hills, which are just 43 kilometres away from this location.
  • BY ROAD: When travelling in one’s own car, one has the ability to pick from a number of different routes to Horsley Hills from Bangalore based on factors such as traffic, weather, and other conditions. Inadvertently, you will arrive at Madanapalle in any of these ways.

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