Hampi Watch Tower History Location Timings Entry Fee Details

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Within the Hampi ruins, this particular watchtower stands out as the one that is both the biggest and most intricately decorated. The watchtower was constructed with the main purpose of protecting Danaik’s Enclosure. Its location afforded it a view over the Noble Men’s Quarter. If you were to approach Danaik’s Enclosure from the Underground Temple, this building would be the first one that caught your attention.

The Mohammadan Watch Tower marks the area that is located in the northwest corner of Danaik’s Enclosure. A mud path that goes around the corner may be seen from a balcony that spreads out from the watchtower. To get to the watchtower, you will need to travel via the door in the northern wall of Danaik’s Enclosure first.

Hampi Watch Tower History Location Timings Entry Fee Details

Tower of Sight The top story may be reached through a winding staircase located towards the south of the building. The rock-coated domes are interesting to look at because of their construction. Corbel brackets, which are used for support, are used to embellish the projecting balconies (seen from outside).
The Zenana Enclosure was a protected and isolated enclave of the Vijayanagara Empire that was intended exclusively for the empire’s royal women.

The Zenana Enclosure can be found in the region that is immediately next to the Royal Enclosure and is close to the Ranga Temple. The enclosure is a vast area that is surrounded on all sides by high walls and has watch towers to protect it from intruders. The building dates back to the time when the Vijayanagara Empire was in power. The Lotus Mahal, also known as the Kamal Mahal, is one of the most impressive buildings in all of Hampi, and it serves as the centerpiece of the Zenana Enclosure.

Hampi Watch Tower History Location Timings Entry Fee Details

During the time of Krishnadevaraya, the Watch Tower was an essential part of the overall security system. It was designed specifically for the guards to use in their efforts to confine the royal palace. Watch Towers may be seen in several different locations around Hampi.

These towers serve two purposes: the guards use them for military purposes, and the Royal Ladies use them as vantage points to survey their domain. It has beautiful architecture as well as a multitude of intriguing sculptures. These watchtowers are situated on the outskirts of the royal palace as well as other structures belonging to the royal family.


Hampi, Bellary District, Karnataka.

Watch Tower Entry Fee

Photography is permitted at a fee of Rs 30 per person (Free)

Best Months To Visit:

Visits should be planned during the months of November and January for the best experience.


Available (Free)


  • Bicycles
  • Bikes
  • Cabs

Attractive Places:

There are buses located close to the following attractions:

  1.  Lotus Mahal Zanana Enclosure
  2. Virupaksah Temple
  3. Archaeological Museum
  4. Achyutaraya Temple

Near By Restaurants:

  • The restaurant at the Hampi Roof Chill Out
  • Suresh Restaurant
  • Funky Monkey Restaurant
  • Chill Out

Nearby Attractions Details:

Virupaksha Temple: INR 2; Cameras cost an additional INR 50. The entrance fee at the Vittala Temple is 30 INR for Indians and 500 INR for foreigners. Zenana Enclosure, Elephant Stables, and Lotus Mahal
Visitors to the Vittala Temple Archaeology Museum in Kamalapura may purchase an entry ticket for INR 5 to explore this site.

You may also go sightseeing at other locations in Hampi, such as Matanga Hill, the Lotus Mahal temple, the Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary, Sunset Point, and the Hampi Bazaar, to name a few.

With the exception of the Archaeology Museum in Kamalapura, which is closed on Fridays, the cluster of monuments that can be seen in Hampi is accessible every day of the week.


  • Bellary Airport is the closest airport and is located 49 kilometers away.
  • Hospet Junction Railway Station is about 13 kilometers away while traveling by train.
  • By road, you may simply hire motorcycles, taxis, bicycles, and other private vehicles to get you where you need to go.

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