Gavi Tourism Spot Kerala History Location Timings Details

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The village is located in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, India state of Kerala. It is situated on National Highway 220, which connects Kollam and Madurai, and is 28 kilometers to the southwest of Vandiperiyar, which is a town in Idukki.

Gavi is a tranquil retreat in the forest that is gorgeous and untouched, and it is situated all over the Periyar Tiger Reserve. With an elevation of 3400 feet above mean sea level, it is the most eastern point in the Pathanamthitta District.

There is an abundance of wonderful wildlife in these evergreen woods, including the tiger, elephants, leopards, bears, Indian gaur, sambar, barking & Mule deers, lion tailed macaque, several species of Kumarakom-bird Sanctuary monkeys, Nilgiri Marten, and a lot of other animals as well.

Gavi Tourism Spot Kerala History Location Timings Details

  • Gavi Eco-Tourism Tea plantations around this well-known scenic location in Kerala, which is known for its beautiful scenery.
  • Visitors to the Gavi may take in the breathtaking scenery, which includes the region’s expansive woodlands.
  • In order to access the forest, visitors are need to get a permission from the Kerala Forest Department Corporation.
  • To The journey around Gavi must be completed over the course of three days.
  • Those who have a passion for outdoors and watching birds will find this location to be ideal.
  • Nesting grounds for close to 250 different bird species may be found at Gavi.
  • The Gavi may be found very next to the Periyar Tiger Reserve in southern India.
  • The Pullumedu Mountain and the Pampa Reservoir are the most prominent natural features of Gavi.
  • Gavi is well-known not just for its pleasant temperature and breathtaking natural scenery, but also for its wide variety of aromatic spices.
  • So, anybody who goes to Gavi will undoubtedly go to the spice farms at some point.
  • The Kerala Forest Development Corporation has provided outdoor camping as well as night safaris in Kullur, Kochu Pampa, and Pachakanam, as well as at Gavi Pullumeda, because it is now one of the most popular tourist destinations.
  • In the morning, Gavi has the appearance of heaven, but at night, it surpasses the splendor of heaven in terms of its beauty.
  • The trip through life made unforgettable by the experience of the visit in Gavi.

Other Top Most Attractions Of Kerala

Wayanad is most well-known for its wildlife reserves, namely the Wayanad wildlife reserve, which is home to an impressively diverse collection of flora and animals. The Wayanad wildlife reserve is a tranquil area of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve that is nestled in the Western Ghats highlands. This reserve is an essential component of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve.

Wayanad is home to a diverse array of animals, including elephants, leopards, and bears, amongst others. A trip to Wayanad on the weekend is the ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of South India’s cities. If you go from Bangalore and take a road trip, you will pass through three different national parks on the way: Nagarhole, Bandipur, and Mudumalai.

The prehistoric Edakkal Caves are two naturally occurring alcoves that can be found in the Wayanad region of Kerala in the state of Kerala. These caves are known for their amazing rock and wall sculptures. The caverns have a tremendous length of 96 feet and a width of 22 feet, and they are located 1200 meters above the level of sea.

Due to the perilous nature of its position, one must walk for an hour and a half (about 4000 feet) to reach the cave entrance, and then one must go for an additional 45 minutes to reach the cave’s mouth. Due to the presence of engravings that date back to the Neolithic period, the Edakkal caves have a significant place in history and archaeology. These carvings originate from the late Stone Age. It is thought that the masonry found within the cave dates back to somewhere between 5000 BC and 1000 BC.

The name Edikkal, which may be translated to mean “a stone in between,” perfectly captures the nature of the formation. A natural cave has been formed as a result of a smaller rock being jammed in between two larger rocks. It is not a cave in the strictest meaning of the term; rather, it is a natural cleft in the rock that has a large boulder perched on top of it. As a result, there are two levels to the cave.

Gavi Tourism Spot Kerala History Location Timings Details

A narrow entrance leads to the beginning of the cave’s first level, which may be explored. Just to the left of this door is a corridor that goes to still another entrance, this one in the ceiling. You have now reached the second level, which is located above the first and is much more spacious. Visitors are need to navigate rough boulders, an iron staircase, and rock walls that are coated with mushrooms in order to explore the caverns.

Modes Of Transport To Reach Gavi Tourism Kerala

  • Cochin International Airport is the closest airport, and it is 163 kilometers away.
  • Kottayam Railway Station is the closest train station and is located 114 kilometers away.
  • By road, there are consistent bus services, and taxis are easy to call for service.

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