Chitrakoot Falls Jagdalpur History Timings Location Info

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The Chitrakoot Falls may be found in the Bastar district of the Chhattisgarh state in India. Throughout the course of the voyage that the River Indrabati takes through the thick vegetation that covers the plain in Chhattisgarh, the water of the flows suddenly descends at a height of 93 feet to create these stunning waterfalls at Chitrakoot. About 38 kilometers to the west of Jagdalpur is where you’ll find it.

The Chitrakoot waterfall is sometimes referred to as “the Niagara falls of India” due to the fact that it is not only the tallest waterfall in India but also one of the widest waterfalls in Asia.

Chitrakoot Falls Jagdalpur History Timings Location Info

  • The width of the waterfall is according to the amount of water that is flowing in the river Indrabati.
  • Throughout the summer, the span of the Chitrakoot waterfall is at its smallest; however, during the monsoon, the water level of the river Indrabati hits both banks.
  • The waterfall also forms its largest at this time, measuring almost 150 meters across.
  • And the waterfalls have an untamed, natural appearance.
  • Because the Chitrakoot waterfalls also resemble the horseshoe shape of a waterfall similar to the of Niagra waterfalls, they are locally regarded as the popular Niagra water Falls.
  • This is because the Chitrakoot waterfalls are the fame of Chhattisgarh, which is regarded as the popular Niagra water Falls.
  • The Chitrakoot River may become up to 150 meters wider during the rainy season or while it is raining.
  • The Chitrakoot falls may be reached by traveling a total of 273 kilometers from the city of Raipur and just 50 kilometers from Jagdalpur, which is located in the Bastar region.
  • The Indravathi River, which originates in the Vindhya Mountain Ranges and runs continuously to the Chitrakoot Falls, is the source of these breathtaking and enthralling waterfalls.
  • The vibrant rainbow that appeared as a result of the mist produced by the waterfall, the brisk air, and the roaring waterfalls provide an additional dimension to the allure of nature.
  • Even during the heat of summer, the climate is kept comfortable because of the Chitrakoot’s thick mist and whirling wind.
  • The rainy season, which often begins around June and ends around July, is the ideal time to visit Chitrakoot Falls so that you may take in its breathtaking grandeur.
  • The area close to Chitrakoot is kept very neatly and is given careful attention to maintenance.
  • The areas designated for snapping photographs have been equipped with powerful torches that shine upwards to shed light on the night sky.
  • These areas have also been illuminated.
  • The Chitrakoot, in its natural state, has stunning beauty.

Entrance Times And Entry Fees for Chitrakoot FallsĀ 

  • The Entrance Times for Chitrakoot Falls are Available Every Day of the Week (Morning to Evening)
  • The cost of Entrance is Free
  • No Camera Fee
  • Free of Charge for Parking Vehicles
  • The Boating fee is Around 25 Rupees For Each Person.

Other Top Most Attractions Of Jagdalpur

The Chitrakoot waterfall is considered to be India’s most impressive waterfall. As the seasons change, so do the characteristics of the waterfalls. If you want to see the Chitrakoot waterfall in its rawest form, the ideal time to visit is during the monsoon season (July to September), which is when the waterfall has a width of up to 150 meters and the water has a brown color.

After its interaction with the particles of water, sunlight creates rainbows in various places. As the sun begins to set and the rays of light fall upon the water below Chitrakoot Falls, a breathtaking scene is created for visitors to take in. It produces a white fall throughout the summer as well as the winter, and you may get closer to the falls by taking a boat.

On the banks of the Indravati River is where you’ll find the breathtaking city of Jagdalpur. The administrative center of Bastar district is located at Jagdalpur. The city has a reputation for being a tourist paradise due to the large number of tourist attractions that it is home to.

These attractions include a number of waterfalls, beautiful lakes, archeological caves, temples filled with the aroma of incense, and spiritual music that floats around the temple complex. Since it has 204 squares throughout an area of 8.75 square kilometers, Jagdalpur is often referred to as the “city of squares.” During the internationally renowned “Bastar Dusherra,” tourism reaches an all-time high.

Chitrakoot Falls Jagdalpur History Timings Location Info

Chitrakoot is well-known not just for its waterfall but also because of the Hindu mythical figure Lord Ram. There are a number of holy temples and pilgrimage sites dedicated to Hinduism there. In addition, a number of Hindu holidays, such as Makar Sankranti, Ramnaamvi, and Somvati Amavasya, are observed here with an emphasis on maintaining a holistic spiritual practice.

The months of November through June are regarded to be the best time to go to Bastar and Jagdalpur. The temperature seldom rises beyond a comfortable level, and at this time of year in this region of Chhattisgarh, visitors may take part in a wide variety of celebrations. A second factor that contributes to the enthusiasm felt by travelers is the fact that nature is in full bloom at this time of year.

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