Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary Adventure Activities Kerala

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The Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary is found tucked away in the breathtaking Western Ghats, which are known as one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. The Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary provides protection for a wide variety of plant, animal, and bird species that are in danger of extinction.

The Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary in Thrissur is well-known for its flourishing tropical rainforest, which includes a number of streams, mountains, and extensive areas covered with deciduous trees. It was decided to construct the Chimmony dam on the western slope of the Nelliyampathy hills. The sanctuary encompasses the watersheds from which the Kurumali and Mupilam rivers get their water.

Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary Adventure Activities Kerala

The time has come to go on the grueling trek into the heart of the Chimmony woods with the tribal guide that has been designated by the forest department. A bird can be heard tweeting from the cover of the bushes, and then a few seconds later, another bird joins in. At long last, a voice can be heard coming from a branch not far away. Echippara serves as the sanctuary’s administrative center. Chimmony has a place to stay for anyone who is interested. You will never forget your visit to the Choorathala waterfalls or your night spent in Anapporu.

Many colorful butterflies flit along the muddy shores of the lake, a true sign of good fortune for this area. Whether it’s the Mormon, Bottle Green, Tailed Jay, Sword Tail, Jezebel, Sailor, Pansy, or Southern Birdwing, there’s a wide selection to choose from. At the correct time of year, the area becomes a veritable rainbow of hues due to the migration of butterflies. We can just make out the silhouettes of birds singing soulfully into the morning as the light rises higher in the sky.

This dam is unlike others since it does not have a canal system. Here, a regulator will allow water from the reservoir to flow into the surrounding river and the already-established canal network, bringing much-needed irrigation to the Kole agricultural areas. The dam on the Kurumali river allows for the distribution of water to the surrounding region. Photographers interested in wildlife will find this a must-see destination, while hikers will enjoy the challenge of the breaking trail where none existed before.

Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary Adventure Activities Kerala

The area does not provide many places to stay. Among the many places to stay in the area, the Chimmony Eco Lodge, Eco Retreat, Eco Camp, and Campsite stand out as some of the best. The greatest hotels in Chimmony have natural settings like this. There are certain hotels that also provide Eco-tourism options for their guests. The Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary is recognized as one of the world’s 25 most important areas for preserving biological variety.

Under the name of ecotourism, you may participate in activities like

  • Bamboo rafting
  • Birding trail
  • Butterfly safari
  • Nature walk for kids
  • Jungle craft and Animal tracking
  • Orchid trail

Doing any of these things brings us closer contact with nature. The Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary is a wonderful place to spend a day or many. If you want to undertake any kind of hiking or camping as part of your trip, you may need to spend a few days here. Several trails radiate out from the Sanctuary, each enhanced by the surrounding forests and rivers, and streams. There are many different kinds of trees and plants that may thrive in this habitat, including tropical evergreens, semievergreen, and moist deciduous forests.

The Atlas Moth, the largest in the world, may be found here, along with other common moths including the Mormon, tiger, sailor, and red rose. Wild animals, including the critically endangered lion-tailed macaque, thrive in this region. Moonlight Sonata is the place to go if you’re in the mood for something more exciting. When you go rafting on a full moon night, you’ll experience chills and your heart rate will skyrocket. Get in touch with nature at its purest by paying a visit to this refuge.

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