Basilica Of Bom Jesus Goa History Architecture Location

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The Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa is often considered to be the most beautiful church of its kind in all of India. It is a perfect example of the baroque style, which was popular during this time period. This church, which was erected in 1595 and consecrated the year after that (1606), was constructed at the same time when Christianity was being brought to India at the time.

This church may be discovered at Bainguinim, which is located in Ancient Goa and is around 10.3 kilometers away from Panjim. The oldest church in Goa is home to the remains of Saint Francis Xavier, who was a close friend of Saint Ignatius Loyola and a co-founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

Basilica Of Bom Jesus Goa History Architecture Location

  • The skeletal remains have been exhumed on average once every 10 years over the last 401 years, and despite this, they are in pristine condition. The Basilica of Bom Jesus has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site due to the organization’s recognition of the cultural and spiritual significance of the building.
  • The only element of Old Goa that has not been whitewashed is the outside of this church, whose name literally translates to “Holy Jesus.” The inside of the church has been whitewashed. The initials “IHS,” which are displayed prominently on the façade of the church and are carved delicately into the building’s triangular roof, stand for the Jesuit emblem for “Jesus, Saviour of Humanity.” The church was built in the form of a triangle.
  • The inside floor of the basilica is a marble mosaic that is embellished with magnificent stones, which contributes to the building’s solemn ambiance. A screen that stretched from floor to ceiling and featured Saint. The inside is adorned with a picture of Ignatius Loyola holding a baby Jesus.
  • The Holy Trinity, which is mentioned in the Christian creed on three separate occasions, is the most treasured and important symbol in Christianity. The Basilica of Bom Jesus welcomes guests each and every day, despite the fact that it has been around for 409 years and is still counting.

Basilica Of Bom Jesus Goa History Architecture Location

  • Because of its uncomplicated layout and, most notably, its golden altars, the Basilica of Bom Jesus is an excellent example of Baroque architecture. Doric, Corinthian, and composite architectural styles have been subtly combined on the building’s façade, which is composed of black granite and has a composite design. The basalt pillars support the church’s towering height of 61 feet, while the building itself is composed of basalt.
  • The inside of the church was executed in a Mosaico-Corinthian style, and in addition to the main entrance, there are two entrances located on the side of the building. The altar is surrounded by a pair of chapels on each side, and a belfry rises above it all to create a mirror image.
  • The amazing wooden statue of Saint Francis Xavier may be seen on the left, while the altar that is devoted to Saint Anthony can be found on the right. On the northern wall is a cenotaph dedicated to Dom Jeronimo Mascarenhas, who was the Captain of Cochin.
  • On the southern side is a carved wooden pulpit with a canopy over it. The engravings on the pulpit depict Jesus, the four evangelists, and the four doctors who served the church on each of its three sides. The information may be found in the form of seven figures at the foot of the pulpit.

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