Attari Wagah Border Parade Timings History Location Booking

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India and Pakistan are separated by a border that is recognized internationally. During the beating retreat and the changing of the guard, it is an amazing experience to be able to be so close to the Indian and Pakistani troops that you could shake their hands.

The highlight of each day is the ceremony known as “Beating the Retreat,” which takes place at night. The flags of both countries are brought to the ground during a military march that is practiced to perfection. On both sides of the border, it is made up of a complex of buildings, highways, and walls.

Attari Wagah Border Parade Timings History Location Booking

An army outpost known as Wagah can be found on the Indo-Pakistani border between the cities of Amritsar and Lahore. Patriotic fervor rises to a fever pitch as the sun goes down, and the lights are switched on to indicate the end of the day to the sound of thunderous applause. A trip to Amritsar would be lacking something significant if it did not include a visit to the Wagah Border to see the Indian and Pakistani flags flying next to one another.

It is the geographic divide that separates India from Pakistan. There is a ritual with the raising and lowering of flags here every night, about the time the gates are closed for the night. The ceremony that takes place at Wagah Border Retreat is equally as captivating as seeing a play would be. The soldiers do a ceremonial march while lowering the flag in unison.

Before the event began, women and children were seen doing patriotic dances to music in order to get people in the spirit of cheering for their nation. A number of factors contribute to the fact that the Wagah Beating Retreat Ceremony is an emotionally moving event. Every day, people from all over the globe, as well as residents of the area, go to Wagah Border Attari to take part in the event, which draws crowds numbering in the thousands.

Attari Wagah Border Parade Timings History Location

It is a wonderful opportunity for people all throughout the nation to show their patriotism while also having a lot of fun. The Grand Trunk Road travels by the Wagah Border Crossing. Wagah is a tiny hamlet in Pakistan that may be found in the middle of the cities of Islamabad and Lahore. The Wagah Border Crossing between India and Pakistan may be found around 30 KM to the south of Amritsar, in the neighborhood of the Indian village of Attari.

At the Wagah border, a new era started after the Brits had left the Indian subcontinent for good. It emerged as a result of the split that established India and Pakistan, two countries whose religious and ethnic components could not have been more unlike one another. At the Wagah Border, which is between India and Pakistan, there is a military checkpoint.

The relationship between the two countries has been tense since it was established. The military, on the other hand, has been carrying out the ceremony on a daily basis. Attari-Wagah is widely regarded as one of the most well-known entry points into Pakistan. The crowd is filled with a lot of proud Native Americans who also really enjoyed the show.

At the conclusion of the event, everyone rises to their feet and sings the national anthem while clapping and cheering for the service members.

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